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Lock technology history has been around for quite a long time. Since men stopped being nomadic and habituated in caverns, they realized they needed to protect their belongings and clans.

It is not a surprise that the first data collected about locks comes from ancient Egypt. During these times, a wooden bolt was enough to secure and block unauthorized users’ access to essential items and belongings. Unfortunately, this device also contained a slot with several holes.

This was a very sophisticated method of prevention, considering the time. The function was simple yet sophisticated. This included a wooden key that would lift the pins, making them rise and allowing the bolt to slide out. We have come a long way; our Miami Dade Locksmith installs everything from padlocks to high-security locks.

As Men Evolved, so did the Locks

Over the subsequent 1700 years, Greeks and Romans improved their locks technology and design. The Greeks were the main source of inspiration for the Romans, who gave a turnaround by using innovative materials like metal as their primary material. These iron-made locks also provided the strong security that this society required and brought a new improvement: The small size key allowed the keys to be portable as they could fit their pockets or as a pendant.

After the Roman Empire’s contribution, European locksmiths from medieval times developed techniques and multiple key mechanisms with complicated key designs. Some of these were: darkening the keyholes with stylish ornaments and creating fake keyholes, so the criminals of that time had a hard time identifying them. Unfortunately, these smart and cheap techniques resulted in the waste of time of lock pickers who would give up their hopes on easy access.

The 18th and 19th Century of Lock Technology History

Improvement of locks and a new security era began in the 18th century when the inventor Robert Barron created the tumbler lock. These double-pin locks required the lever to lift to a certain height by having a slot cut in the lever, so lifting the lever too far was as bad as not lifting the lever far enough. This technology is available today.

In the meantime, Joseph Bramah was developing a different system in lock development. His safety lock, patented in 1784, included a small tube made of metal with narrow slots cut-in-one end. The slides push down when this cylindrical key is inserted into the lock.

Combination locks originated back in the seventeenth century, but by the 1870s, they were a helpful security device for safes and vaults. As you all know, these safe boxes work by inputting or rotating a series of customized numbers or letters on a dial outside the lock. When you dial the correct number, a series of slots line up and release the bolt. In 1848 Linus Yale patented and improved the compact cylinder lock inspired by the earlier Egyptian pin lock. Even now, Yale locks are popular in homes around the world.

Recent Smart Locks Technology

In the 21st Century, we have reached the pinnacle of security locks: Smart locks.

Security is one of the most sensitive issues at all times. Human beings have been draining their brains out, looking for the best way to prevent unauthorized individuals into the sacredness of our homes. For centuries we have relied on the fact that we can use locks to protect our windows, doors, and gates. Our society has used this system for at least the last two centuries.

As technology evolves, everything is becoming more sophisticated, and locks are not an exception since security is not an overrated matter. New technology is offering  Smart door locks. These are the combination of technology and ancient science. This new technology allows you to use your smartphone to control your new smart door. At the palm of your hand, you have many different features to keep you and your loved ones safe.

These features are a built-in camera to see who’s at your door, the ability to use passcodes and cards instead of a key, and a recorded log of who has accessed your home. Other smart locks include fingerprint recognition, iris detector, vocal chord recognition, passcode combination, etc.

It doesn’t matter what security system you use, whether you rely on lock technology history or any other method that helps you achieve that peace of mind that every individual and family deserves.

The security of our homes has been stolen from us and, therefore, our tranquility.

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