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Key Bumping – Protect yourself

key bumping

Indeed, we are close to Halloween, and this is a real locksmith horror story. You don’t need to be a locksmith expert to know that a tumbler lock can open by burglars with a few tools. Caraballo Locksmith knows this frightening truth; thus, upgrading to commercial-grade deadbolts is a great idea!

This type of device has been around for years. But few people realize it until now, so let’s learn! Depending on the quality of the lock, determines if it can be forced. This method is called key-bumping, and it’s used by thieves a lot.

Our team knows this method has to do with cutting the edges of a key in different dented and sharped shapes. These keys allow any burglar, even on an amateur, to break into any home. They do it in less time than it takes to download any security app.

Smart Lock Devices

You can likewise install smart locks to your exterior doors like front and back doors. Homeowners can replace the old locks that are vulnerable to lock bumping. You can look online or go to your locksmith local Miami shop to find the best smart lock for you. The intelligent locks cost more than traditional, but it will improve your convenience.

Let us explain more why is necessary to upgrade to newer security for your home. We all mostly understand that security technology advances and criminals are right there figuring out how to decode it. This will never stop, so always be aware of the newest trends!

Pin tumbler locks

pin tumbler locks
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To understand how bumping works, we need to know how the pin tumbler locks work. The mechanism for these bolts is relatively simple. These contain the inside of the cylinder, two kinds of pins, the key, and driver pins.

When the bolt is in a locked position, both pins occupy the same pinhole and are pushed together by a spring, stopping rotation. When these pins are aligned, the separation between the pins and core creates a shear line, allowing the plug to rotate inside the cylinder.

When inserting the keyhole, thus pushes the pins to align along the shear line aligning with the lock. This action allows the latch to rotate the core and unlock the bolt, giving access to the door. It’s a basic mechanism that can be manipulated, by just a small knowledge.

Explaining Bump Keys

bump keys

A bump key, on the other hand, works a little bit differently; since its cut with unique sharped picks and broad valleys. This device to open doors is no for aligning the pins, but to impact them under force! That’s where the issue comes for us homeowners.

The bump key goes into the tumbler lock; it relies on the spring tension of the pins to align it. The lock bumpers apply the impact force or call it “bump” to force the key deep into the lock, causing the jar and the driver pins to “jump” just for a second or less. Once these are forcedly aligned, the shear line turns the core and opens the door.

Researchers estimate that nearly 2/3 of all break-ins occur with no sign of forced entry. Although we cannot determine how many of these are due to bumping, we can rest assured that there is a significant number attributed to it as we now know that Pin tumbler locks are vulnerable to key bumping.

How to make a bump key?

How to make a key

For many years, professional locksmiths have used different methods and tools to bypass pin and tumbler locks, mostly for legal purposes. Creating a bump key requires other means to achieve the particular cuts required.

For most thieves or lock bumpers, these keys can be made at home, although quite challenging. To make a bump key, some criminals use just a file created from similar keys that fit a particular lock. Still, key bumping is a standard technique used by thieves. We highly recommend calling our Miami locksmiths if you are in Miami when choosing your entry lock security.

Let’s go over the issues and fixes.

So, how can you prevent bumping as this technique can open most old and low-quality locking devices? You might be thinking of running to the hardware store to get your new lock to prevent bumping. However, most products at the hardware store are vulnerable to bumping.

Let’s check out some essential information:

  • A burglar can open your door in under 30 seconds with a bump key.
  • Lock bumping does not show any signs of forced entry, so you would not know if someone burglarized you until you saw the things missing.
  • Anyone can learn lock bumping, and they can find the information easily on YouTube and buy the key online.

So, how can homeowners prevent lock bumping?


Upgrade to Light Commercial Grade Locks

Schlage high security locks for sale

Replace your residential locks with light commercial grade locks. A third-party organization tests these commercial locks arduously by putting them through quality and durability. Third-party organizations, like the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)or Underwriters Laboratories (UL), are known all through the world for testing locks and deadbolt.

For instance, the top locking devices would have an ANSI Grade 1 certification. Now, UL grades deadbolt locks based on how they perform through a series of lock picking tests. Also, homeowners can use these commercial locks on their homes.

Schlage and Kwikset produce ANSI Grade 1 bump good quality proof locks today. The Kwikset SmartKey brings a lifetime finish and lifetime mechanical warranty despite having some flaws, but almost all locks have a weakness. Lock makers like Schlage have likewise tried to make bump proof items for business use. The Schlage SecureKey locks can resist picking and knocking.

Anti-Bump Devices

You can install a thumb turn guard on your exterior doors to prevent the deadbolt latch from rotating. It works extraordinary for peace of mind at night since the lock bump technique cannot work while you are at home asleep.

However, the anti-bump device only works if you are home, since the thumb turn device is inside the house.



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