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Is It Time To Replace Your Deadbolt Lock?

is it time to replace your deadbolt lock

Many Miami Dade Locksmiths specialists will take you through steps or even provide a guideline to replace your deadbolt lock. However, very few will give you the info you need for the things you don’t understand. Much less prepare you to buy the correct lock to attain better security with the new deadbolt replacement.

A broken door lock may be more severe than you believe, so don’t delay and get a deadbolt lock replacement service from a trusted local locksmith company.

The main reason to change your locks shouldn’t be the design, remote access via smart locks, or a brand you like but safety. It’s by far the best answer and one well invested in since a failed lock will cause mistakes in the future if left unchanged.

Malfunctioning or Broken Lock means Replacing a Deadbolt Lock

malfunctioning or broken deadbolt

First, you must understand why you need to replace your deadbolt. It will provide insight into what to think about in the new replacement lock. The reasons behind the lock breaking; were that it was the wrong deadbolt or too weak.

A deadbolt that breaks down always has a motive behind its failure. Often, if it were worn and old, your concern would be only replacing your lock. Unfortunately, homeowners experience problems when replacing a deadbolt lock and have nothing to do with the bolt, mainly with the doorframe or the key.

Improving security and aesthetics

Once you change a lock, you must know how much force the deadbolt will withstand and if it resists lock-picking or bumping techniques burglars use. Also, know your old lock’s security and the new lock’s give since you can’t lose protection.

When you substitute a lock for aesthetic reasons, the principal issues are if you purchase the wrong bolt, it can reduce your safety. Also, you don’t want to misuse a single-cylinder or double-cylinder when replacing deadbolts.

You’ll have to substitute a deadbolt with the same type of lock. For example, homeowners should not use a deadbolt on the indoor bathroom door but outside doorways.

What Type of Door do you Have?

what type of door do you have

When you substitute a deadbolt lock onto a door with a small window next to it, you want to use a double cylinder deadbolt. Using the correct one can be more significant if you’re replacing a deadbolt. The faulty lock makes it easier for offenders to attack or use forced entry techniques.

There’s no reason to substitute a lock if you have a hollow-core door. The hollow-core doorway is insecure that the deadbolt won’t help since a kick-in will easily break the frame. It’d be better to go with a door handle in a hollow door.

Door Materials

If your doorway is new or you want to bring a different deadbolt into a modern door, it’s necessary to comprehend the doorway you’re currently working on. Entries that don’t come with pre-drilled cross-bore holes for installing deadbolts weren’t supposed to handle deadbolts. A fantastic illustration of this is hollow core doors intended for interior use, so make sure it has a solid core.

The problem with incorporating a bolt with no lock prior is that every added hole weakens your doorway. Even If you’re adding a solid deadbolt to a durable door, you’re still removing a great deal of material and decreasing the doorway security. Make sure you set up metal slipcovers where you have removed large quantities of wood.

Before Replacing your Deadbolt Lock, Take Measurements

before substituting your deadbolt take measurements

There’s no need to measure if you’re replacing a lock with the same version and brand. However, if you’re making any adjustments, understand how big the pre-drilled holes are on your doorway. For example, the openings’ diameters, the doors’ width, and the distance through the hole from the central lock hole.

Other Lock and Door Updates

other updates

There are other methods that homeowners could use to boost their door security. However, if you replace a lock, you can use longer screws, stronger latches, a strike plate, and more robust hardware to improve safety.


When to Repair Deadbolt Locks 


In some cases, you can repair the deadbolt lock. For instance, if the deadbolt continues to stick, it might only require some lubricant like WD-40. Sometimes the solution is to align the strike plate and door frame again. Other times, it isn’t an issue with the deadbolt at all.

For example, a worn key is a culprit.  The worn or old key won’t open the deadbolt as effectively as before. Instead, you may only need a key replacement service. 


When do you need a Deadbolt Lock Replacement?


You would be lucky if your deadbolt issue were a simple problem you could fix yourself.  However, that generally doesn’t happen. A few parts involve deadbolt locks that aren’t readily apparent to an untrained eye.

If you attempted the solutions discussed above and didn’t work, it is time to replace your deadbolt lock. Other reasons you need a replacement deadbolt lock include: 


  • Replace rusted deadbolt locks.


  • Broken door locks or deadbolts.


  • Broken door frames.


  • Locks that refuse to turn.


  • Replace old deadbolts when you move into new homes.


  • Rekey Deadbolts locks when you lose keys to prevent a simple burglary.


Can a Locksmith Install a Deadbolt Lock

locksmith replacing deadbolt lock with electronic lock

Yes, if you need to replace your deadbolt lock, I recommend hiring an expert locksmith company to do the work may be the best option. Home security is significant for peace, so you need a reliable locksmith to do the job correctly. 

Besides, a locksmith will find the deadbolt lock issue and prompt a solution that will again provide serenity. Investing in a new electronic deadbolt lock or a traditional one that works correctly can prevent a disaster if your old lock fails.

If you think it is time to replace your deadbolt lock, consider calling a Coral Way locksmith service right of way for better peace of mind.

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  1. A couple of the deadbolts around here have started rusting quite a bit, and I can bet that this is something we would need to solve immediately. Rusted locks are much easier to try and break open, so that ends up being a safety risk to everyone living here in our home. I’ll get rid of that risk by looking for a lock repair and replacement expert and asking them for some new deadbolts.

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