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Is it Safe to Hide a Key Outside?

is it safe to hide a key outside?

Is it safe to hide a key outside the house since no one wants to experience a home or car lockout? Everyone needs a key, correct? That’s just a simple reality! Though annoying and unpleasant, most people can’t do much to prevent it.

However, leaving an extra key with a close relative makes the best sense for many. Others would leave a spare in the office or under the car.

Moreover, hiding a key outside is another possibility. However, does hiding a key makes sense, or is it a surefire formula for failure? Continue reading to let our best Miami locksmiths can express their tips.


Advantages of Hiding a Key

provide trusted neighbor spare keys

When done correctly, hiding a key safely outside your home occasionally makes sense. But potential burglars can discover it if hidden under your doormat or fake rock.


It might be an option depending on how secretively you can conceal a key outside your home.


Nevertheless, keeping a key hidden close to your vehicle is never a good idea. Some people attach magnetic boxes underneath cars to keep a key close by in case of lost or misplaced situations.


Two Best Locations for Key Hiding


The Neighbor


One of the most incredible places to store extra keys is with a neighbor rather than outside your home.  Providing the key to a neighbor you can trust is best.


Moreover, when you are away from home or on vacation, giving your neighbor a spare key allows them to watch your house for any unusual activity.




Put your pet to work guarding your extra house keys.  Locate a place to conceal a key, inside or outside the doghouse.  You may attach a magnet to the doghouse wall to accommodate a magnetic key holder. Lastly, you can tie the key around the dog’s collar, but only if it’s a mean big dog.


The Cons of Hiding a Key Outside

do not hide house or car keys under doormat

Hiding the key in the magnetic key box under the car might seem clever, but they can be jostled around or come off while driving.


Of course, YouTube has ruined this trick, so thieves will likely seek there if you store a key to open your car. If there’s a key under the car, why bother picking your lock or smashing your window?


Worst Places to Hide Spare Keys


Avoid these six locations to hide your house keys:


  • Doormat-Burglars looking for a spare key would often start here.
  • Fake rock-Many people hide their keys under a fake rock. Sadly, the majority of false stones also seem unreal to passersby.
  • A planter-It’s a simple yet apparent hidden spot since many homeowners keep potted plants on their porches.
  • Front door ledge-Another common entry place for thieves is to look at the front door sill.
  • Porch lighting-A burglar will search there also because porch lights have many little crevices where a key can rest.
  • Mailbox-A mailbox is an ideal location because it is far from the door. However, it’s a common place where people keep their keys—and where criminals may peek.


Locksmith Offer Replacement Key Services In Case you Cannot Safely Hide a Key Outside


Sadly, there isn’t a safe to hide a key outside. Keys are unnecessary in an ideal society, but compromises are inevitable.


Fortunately, there are trustworthy, affordably priced locksmiths in Miami, Florida. We know how frustrating it may be to be locked out of your house or automobile. Instead of taking advantage of the circumstance, we shall move to assist. 


We won’t disappoint you when you call us because you deserve the best locksmith Brickell service you can rely on.

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