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How To Survive An Emergency Lockout

emergency lockout

An Emergency lockout can occur at any time and obviously, they are always unexpected. Getting locked out from your home can be really frustrating! From slamming the door, leaving the key inside or even losing them are the most common manners of getting yourself lockout of the house. As this is no strange thing to happen to anyone, as a homeowner or a home user, you need to be prepared to cope with this situation or even better, to avoid this to happen.

Keep Calm and take a deep breath

When stressful situations happen, the first human reaction is to lose patience, but that my friends won’t solve anything. It is imperative to keep your mind as fresh as possible, in order to deal with these types of situations.

Check all the possible home entrances

Check to see if all doors and windows are locked. There might be a possibility that you or any of your family members left a window or door unlocked. If this is the case, be careful! Try to remember which pieces of furniture are on the way, so your entrance is smooth and safe.

Check for a spare key

Sometimes we may not remember if in the past when we moved to a house we were thoughtful enough to get a key replacement and place them under an outdoor mat, a car or maybe, you gave one to a neighbor, a close friend or a family member.

Call people or a locksmith

If you are not a homeowner and you are renting a place, you may attempt to call your roommate and collect the key, or call your landlord, they always keep additional keys. In case of living in an apartment complex, you can go to the manager’s office and ask for help. Keep an emergency locksmith in your phone or download an app with 24-hour locksmiths.

As technology has improved, there are applications where you find local trustworthy locksmiths who provide emergency lockout services. Usually, these offer a 24-hour service. If you get an app you will be able to see how close are from your house, the services that they offer and the customer’s reviews.

It is important that you remain calm, again, this is very important, as if you make a desperate decision, you could call anyone, and remember, your security and the security of your loved ones are first. When choosing a locksmith, you need to keep in mind, even in this emergency situation, that you are putting your house in the hands of a complete stranger.

Now, when choosing an emergency lockout you also need to be aware that these services will be a little pricey, but hey! You will be inside of your house in no time.

Try to break in (Last Resort)

This may seem like a desperate thing to do, but it may work. If you have tried all the above options even the emergency lockout, and it has not brought any positive results, you can attempt to break in. Now, I usually would not recommend this to anyone, especially if the property is not yours, as it probably brings more negative results than benefits. But, if this is your last option, think about the possible outcomes of this decision, and if you think it doable, go for it.

The first thing you need to consider is all the keep spots from the house. If you’re on the first floor, it is possible that you are able to open an unlocked or break a window and climb in.
If you have a window unit air conditioner, this could be a good breaking in point in your place that can be exploited. Also, you can try using the fire escape. If you are in this hideous situation you need to think like a criminal and ask yourself this question:

How would someone who wants to rob me get in? And then do that.

Another way of getting into a house is simply by destroying the doorknob, just like a robber. If the doors to your property are older and they’re not dead bolted shut, you can take a hammer and deliver a firm downward blow to the knob.

Now, remember, opening a door this way, will result in the destruction of the knob itself, meaning that you will grant yourself access to the property, but your knob won’t lock up again meaning that you won’t be able to close your door. This constitutes a major security risk as you will have to wait for a locksmith the following morning to change the locks for you.

Finally, if you’re terribly desperate, you can attempt removing the door by the hinges but only do this if there’s a terrible situation to take care of like a baby in there or a fire or something similar.

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