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How To Secure Homes After a Hurricane

how to secure homes after a hurricane

Locksmiths understand how people secure home’s after a hurricane is shifting from storm shudders to ensuring we lock the windows and doors. After removing your plywood or shudders, it is a smart idea to ensure that you lock your windows. I understand you want to open them in order to remove the shudders and let some fresh air inside.

But before you do this, we suggest inspecting your home and business to guarantee all of your door lock installations in Miami are working correctly–both traditional locks and electronically. Also, check if any damages have occurred.

Many things can go bad and it’s ideal to prepare. After hurricanes and their path of destruction, it’s critical to know whether your home security deterrents can still work properly and protect your home or office and if they have any issues. Usually, home security versus Mother Nature; it’s a sure thing to go with Mother Nature.

There are a few things we urge you to consider before opening your doors and windows:

Surveying Your Property

surveying your property

When everyone is allowed back again into the home or business, consider inspecting the property or home for significant damages. Consider if your home or business can support you and your family again. You may not be mindful of physical danger like a broken patio glass door or natural dangers like broken gas lines but you may need to ensure these things before entering. If your property has damages, document conditions, and report the claim to your insurance quickly.

How do you protect your home after a hurricane? These tips below will improve your property security once you have your home back in working order, for example, power back on, and home has no significant damages. After ensuring the home is safe, think about doing the assessment of your home with our tips.

Make sure your door and window locks work correctly and can still secure your home

It’s straightforward to forget you left an unlocked window or door, so doing a quick check-up, particularly after a hurricane, is significant. Door locks can get damaged after withstanding hours of high-winds, which is the reason it is a smart idea to have a locksmith help you out if you don’t know where to start. Plus, deadbolt locks only work properly with the surface that the lock touches.

When you have a loose strike plate, or your door (back door too) are weak or damaged, the locks won’t secure your property. You may likewise need to inspect and lubricate your hinges. When you find any metal flakes, it might be a sign of wear or future breakage, so make sure you call a locksmith to check it out.

Inspect your home security deterrents

inspect your home security deterrents

If you have a security system or a smart lock that uses a battery backup, it is a smart idea to ensure the battery has a charge. Usually, batteries degrade over time, regardless of the electronics that have switched to backup power. Checking and replacing batteries using voltage testing results and battery expiration dates is a brilliant way to maintain your electronic equipment.

If you have a smartphone and have schedule battery reminders, you can check if your hardware batteries have the full capacity or at their limits. Double-check your breaker box when you lost power to guarantee that your circuits/appliances are getting power too.

Secure your home with key control

secure your home with key control

When you lose your keys at your hurricane shelter then, consider re-keying your locks as a splendid way to increase your security. The approach to rekey your locks to protect your home or business from intruders is a smart idea.

Usually, people lose things like keys when they moved around, particularly during emergencies like hurricanes. We don’t know exactly if a kind person has your keys or someone that talked to you at the shelter with bad motives so rekeys your locks. You will have true serenity knowing after the storm since no one can enter without authorization.

Besides rekeying locks, take other security measures

If the power is not back on after the storm, consider turning on your generator but lock it with a padlock if it’s set outside. Remember to secure your carport by ensuring you lock the service and garage doors. Also, ensure your valuables aren’t seen through windows since some of your tools and hardware can cost a lot.

Lock your valuables, for example, money, jewelry, documents, and heirlooms in your burglar safe (bolted down) until everything gets back to normal. Also, if your home has any guns, secure them in your gun-safe since people may loot or may go crazy with the lack of police after the aftermath of a hurricane.

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith can happily help before and after a hurricane emergency

If you need some assistance, please call us. We expect to be back as soon as the authorities give us the OK to get back on the streets helping our clients secure home’s in emergencies.

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