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How To Remove a Broken Key Stuck in a Lock

how to remove a broken key stuck in a lock

A broken key stuck in a lock may seem like an emergency, and your first thought should be to Google locksmith near me for quick help. However, we love to help our clients out in a not so difficult situation as getting your key stuck in the lock. Keys get old, worn, weak, and keys often break. But, when a key breaks inside a lock cylinder, how would you get it out and avoid calling a locksmith in Miami

Don’t worry; our technicians will show several techniques to remove a broken key from a lock.

Disassemble the Lock

disassemble the lock

If you have some handyman skills and you have another entry to your home available (window or backdoor), then you can take the lock apart. First, I suggest, lubricating the lock with a silicon-based lubrication spray before attempting to remove the key. When your home has Schlage door equipment, the best advice is to disassemble the lock to uncover the back of the cylinder. The back of the cylinder will have holes that you can poke to drive the key out. 

To get to the cylinder, remove the c-clip on the back of the lock. When removed, you can insert a paper clip into the back of the lock to push out the broken key. Lastly, reassemble the cylinder and the lock. However, this won’t work for Kwikset locks since their backs have no holes through which you can get inside the cylinder to drive out the key. 

If you are nervous about disassembling the lock, and the ways below are not fruitful, take the entryway lock to your nearby Miami locksmith. They will help you get the key out at a moderate cost. 

Use a Key Extractor to Remove a Key

If you prefer not to use hack DIY to remove a stuck key, use what the experts use. There is no better method to remove a broken key in the lock than the key extractor

Spiral key extractors have thin strips of metal that have grooves in them. The grooves grip the broken key so you can remove the key. Insert the key extractor along the edge of the cut side of the key to use. Remember not to push the key further into the lock. Try to push the extractor along the top edge to drive the pins up and off the way, so the extractor slides in. Then, twist the extractor and carefully pull out the passkey. It may take a few attempts as you are trying to make enough friction to pull the key out. 

Another type of device is the hook extractor. When using the hook extractor, you attempt to hook and pull the cut of the broken key out. Insert the hook extractor along the cut side of the key and push back until past the first cut. Afterward, pull. 

Attempt Needle-nose Pliers or Tweezers to Remove the Broken Key

attempt needle-nose pliers or tweezers to remove the key

Sometimes, the key may not be pushed into the lock, and you might grab it with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Tweezers can likewise work and possibly better since they are much smaller. Use whatever you have available. 

Use Home Tools

This technique to remove a stuck key is similar to the key extraction tool above. However, imagine a scenario where you don’t have or find a key extraction tool. Try to use a similar object or tool also works.

Some paper clips have groove edges and can work as well as a spiral extractor if there’s space in the lock cylinder to get them in. Also, there are various little jigsaw blades that will fill in as a hook extractor

The Key is Still Stuck Inside the Lock

the key is still stuck inside the lock

If you’ve attempted everything with no resolution, remove the lock from the entryway and take it to your local locksmith. They will get the key out for less than the cost of another lock. However, don’t worry; most locksmiths are mobile so that you can wait for them, and they can work from the safety of your home. 

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