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How To Prevent Burglars From Breaking Into Your Home?

how to prevent burglars from entering your home

Best locksmith professionals near Dade know to prevent burglars from entering a property, people will need to secure their entrance points since they kick doors down. Typically, the front door. When a burglar can’t get access by lock-picking or lock-bumping, they will fall back on kicking down those entry points to clear a path.

A house that has no security system or deterrents will always be helpless against forced entry techniques. However, burglars will not want to kick the entryway or window unless they know the owner isn’t there. Also, they have to make sure the neighbors won’t hear them and call the police because of the disturbance.

Nevertheless, our residential locksmith’s specialists know of ways to prevent forced entry techniques from being successful. To keep intruders from damaging your entryways and windows, you need to make it a “mission impossible” for them. Here are a few hints to prevent burglars from successfully kicking their way through your home entry points:

Call a Locksmith to Install a Deadbolt Lock to Prevent Burglars Have an Easy Entry

use deadbolts

Deadbolts can give the best security to your entryways. Do you still depend on a traditional handle lock? Well, it is the ideal opportunity for you to add more excellent protection to your entrance doors by installing a secondary lock. However, mount a robust deadbolt lock since they have demonstrated how to suppress any physical assault on your entrance doors. If your entryways are deadbolt equipped, don’t worry since criminals will have an issue breaking into your home by kicking your doors.

Deadbolts locks must be mandatory when securing exterior doors due to robust design and many burglar-proof features. However, don’t use a single-cylinder deadbolt next to a window because a thief can smash the window and twist the thumb turn to enter. Doors with glass need double-sided deadbolts.

Burglar-Proof Windows

Burglars enter through the window when they discover the entryways are secured. Furthermore, windows break easier than entryways. Also, numerous homeowners mount low-quality windows with a significant glass. Making it more straightforward for intruders to break the glass rather than break their foot on a sturdy door protected by a deadbolt lock.

So, you have to reinforce your windows by making them burglar-proof. Manufacturers are making many types of burglar-proof windows that you can buy these days. Typically, these windows arrive with sturdy glass and materials so, if you have weak and vulnerable windows, attempt to replace them with better, sturdier, and, ones with tempered, laminated or impact-resistant glass.

Now, that you have secured your window glass, you will have to replace the factory laches altogether with superior locks. Yes, window latches are the second biggest weakness next to the window glass, so it’s essential to replace them with sturdy locks too.

Install exterior security doors

install exterior security doors

Security doors give another layer of defense to your entrance points that will make it unimaginable for intruders to break your doors with their boots. Some security doors arrive in durable materials that give the outside protection for your entryways with extra locks and unique kind bar-style built. You can straightforwardly install these doors on the homes entry point including, front door, back door, and, patio.

With steel outside doors, you will give more security to your entrance points and counter any forced break-in attempts whether you are at home or on a trip. So, it will help deter thieves from attempting to break in into your house once they understand their force isn’t enough.

Reinforce your Perimeter Security to Prevent Burglary

If you haven’t installed a fence, then you should right away. Make sure to include wires on the fence to add more security to your home. With a wall, ensure it is high enough that no one can access your home. Most thieves, try to climb the wall to get to your front yard so put sturdy thick wires.

Also, the fence door needs a sturdy cable with a robust padlock or have a deadbolt lock installed too. Don’t worry; many manufacturers make decorative fences if you don’t like wires on your fence. Yes, decorative such as wrought iron is a little expensive and higher to maintain. However, wrought iron is more beautiful to look at compared to wires.

Replace your Doorframe

replace your doorframe

A high-security vulnerability that you may have in your entry points remains the door’s low-quality framework. So, before installing any extra locks or deterrents, ensure that your doors can withstand physical power.

Mounting additional locks will do nothing to secure your entry if it has a framework with a weak strike plate, small screws, and low-quality hinges.

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