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How To Maintain Your Locks For Better Functioning

how to maintain your locks for better functioning

An excellent approach to improve home and business security is installing high security locks and padlocks. People use these devices to secure their homes, gates, garage, offices, sheds, patios, and anywhere you want to protect your valuables! However, not just any lock will do, ensure that it is of high-quality and that can secure your belongings while keeping burglars at bay. 

There are a few experts locksmiths in Miami, FL companies including Caraballo Liberty Locksmith that offer 24 hours quality services when you need a new lock installation and repair. Aside from hiring great locksmith services, ensure that your locks are functioning well. Make sure they’re not falling apart because of the weather elements and rust. 

Are your homes locks not working well or rusted? Then search for ways to plan your home lock maintenance schedule. Follow these simple tips for lock maintenance to extend the life of your locks! 

Why do maintenance on your locks?

why do maintenance on your locks

Each device requires maintenance for functioning and monitoring to prevent damage. Even though locks do last a long time, there are a few things that you can do lengthen the life of your locks. If you don’t keep them in great working condition, then they will fail and may cause catastrophic emotional or physical losses when a burglary or home-invasion occurs

Properly installed door

If you haven’t fitted your entryway or it’s loose, the bolt and latch won’t connect right. This will weaken the working mechanism of the lock. Likewise, if you slam, hit, or force your door all the time to close it, your entryway lock will sustain heavy wear and tear and deteriorate your entryway. 

Secure the screws and plates on your lock

secure the screws and plates on your lock

Ensure the screws on your door frame are long enough to fit tightly on the walls to which they are fastened. Make sure to fasten the strike plate correctly to close the entryway securely at all times. Yes, even a little miscalculation in your key and lock system can hinder the security of your home, so be cautious and check even the little things to be safe. 

Clean the door locks

There are many reasons to clean your locks. During humid seasons keep them dry and away from moisture since it makes their functioning fail. You may need to check the locks for damage cause because of condensation. It is essential that you use an efficient cleaner that is non-abrasive and free of chemicals that can damage your locks. 

Use lubricant regularly

use lubricant regularly

You should lubricate your lock parts regularly, including locks, screws, plates, handles and the interior mechanism to keep them in flawless working condition. Consider lubricating them once every three months to keep up ideal performance. 

Entryway must rest steadily on the door frame

If your entryway isn’t sitting steadily on the doorframe and is too little for the frame, your lock security may not work right. Incorrect setting of the entryway on the frame may expose the internal bolt to potential intruders. And the doorframe will likewise hinder the ability to open and close the entryway smoothly. 

Keep the strike of your doorframe clean

keep the strike of your doorframe clean

Ensure that the opening (strike) doesn’t have debris, dirt or mud since your lock won’t work correctly, and may hamper its functionality. 

Make duplicate keys only from the original key

Don’t make a duplicate from another duplicate key as it will hamper the keys performance. 

Inspect the floor around your door for any damage

Check the floor around your entryway for any scratch or skid marks. The existence of skid and scratch marks means that your entryway isn’t correctly aligned. Therefore, is not offering the best alignment to your locks. 



After you have ensured your entryway, likewise check if the locks have rust. If a lock has rust, then a potential burglar can easily pick it.

An excellent way to prevent the development of rust in your locks is by lubricating them with silicone sprays. Manufacturers particularly makes silicone sprays for maintaining locks. They work by forming a protective seal over the locks that shield it from the elements of rust development. 

You can also consider using specified chemicals appropriate for cleaning doors and lock plates to keep your locks working in great condition.

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