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How To Keep Your Home Safe During The Holidays?

how to keep your home safe during the holidays

The best advice Caraballo Liberty Locksmith in Miami, FL, can give for home safety during the holiday season is to have your physical deterrents well placed. With the decorations, shopping, parties, events, drinking, and fun you’ll be having this holiday season, it’s critical to be safe while also having fun. So, there are a few different things you can do to keep your home and family protected. Here are Miami Locksmith’s top tips to assist you with accomplishing that goal. 

Lock your sturdy door locks

lock your sturdy door locks

Perhaps the simplest ways for a thief to enter your house is through an open, or through an old entryway that doesn’t lock properly. Check the locks on all of your exterior doors to see if any need replacement or repair before you leave town. 

Locks that have significant wear and tear get attacked more easily with lock-picking tools or even forced entry techniques. Besides, updating to high-security locks please remember to lock the door even if you leave for a brief errand.

Keep your plans offline

If you want to travel during the holiday season, ensure you keep your travel plans off your social media. Never post on social media when or where you’re heading, the time you are leaving, or when you will be back. 

Criminals like to know the information about when your home or not because that’s the time they will attack. Regardless if you have a high level of security on your social media accounts, I don’t recommend posting this personal data. 

Inform a neighbor your plans

inform a neighbor your plans

If you’re planning to leave town during the holiday season, notify a trusted neighbor. Ask the neighbor to watch your home and report any criminal activity. You’ll likewise need the neighbor to get your mail and newspapers while you’re not home. 

Ensure your home looks occupied to deter a criminal. Smart Home automation can help accomplish this. Add a motion sensor light or use smart plugs and lightbulbs that let you control lights, TVs, and more remotely. 

Hide Christmas presents and packages

You likely want to keep gifts far away from youngsters before Christmas. Yet you likewise need to ensure to keep them hidden from thieves too. Putting nice wrapped presents under the Christmas tree looks great, but it’s an invitation for a criminal. 

Try to keep your Christmas tree with presents away from a window’s view. If you’re not home, it’s straightforward for a burglar to break through a window and get the gifts. Remember, nowadays gifts aren’t just toys but expensive smartphones, tablets, and technology-oriented items. 

Set up your home security system while you’re away

set up your home security system while you're away

If you have a security system set up in your home, make sure it works correctly. This includes all alarms, motion detectors, cameras, and other tracking hardware. Check with your alarm monitoring company if you leave on vacation for a few days. If you have a DIY home security framework with optional monitoring, consider adding monitoring to your plan for November and December in which you’ll be traveling. 

Think about buying a home safe

This one seems like a great idea, by placing your valuables or documents in safe ensures that if a burglary or theft occurs, the things esteemed will be safe and secure. There are many home safes that you can hide in a basement, closet or under furniture. 

The added security is significant to their peace of mind for many clients across Miami, FL. Remember, to purchase a burglar-proof safe for jewelry or cash and get a combination of burglar-proof and fire-safe for documents and cash.



Usually, those looking to break into your home will try to bypass the front door first and then the second most effective method of entry, the windows. Burglars will check whether you have any unlock ones or windows with weak latches. 

If you have old locks or weak latches on your windows, especially those on the ground floor of our home, we recommend you update them to sturdy locks. As far as home security, we have discovered that replacing window locks with sturdy lock options will add an added layer of security to these entry points. 

Change your security codes

Change the codes on your keypad locks before leaving for the holidays. Frequently, we find that garage and homeowners have shared their keypad lock codes with neighbors, friends, and family for much time, leaving your home vulnerable.

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