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How To Improve Your Home’s Front Door Security

how to improve your homes front door security

The top locksmith in Miami specialist wants people to understand that door locks can’t guard homes by themselves, they require some help to make your home a fortress. Surely, installing the best front entryway locks will give you a more elevated amount of security from a wide range of crimes. However, remember a criminal will always try to attack the weakest link of a house, which often includes windows and doors. 

So, if you do want to get the most out of your door lock, you will need to reinforce your doors framework and everything close to it. Because no matter what people try to do to prevent break-ins, most criminals will still use the front entryway to attack a home. Your local locksmith near you will provide you some ways to improve overall door security.

ANSI Door Lock

ansi door lock

A deadbolt is a standout amongst the most essential and effective methods for securing an entryway and works best when installed with your entryway’s standard lock. In simple terms, two is better than one. Deadbolts work much better than a spring bolt lock since it can’t be moved from its locked position without inserting a key into the cylinder. 

Replacing the entryway lock with an ANSI Grade 1 or even a Grade 2 deadbolt remains one of the best ways to improve the security of your home without having to spend too much cash. Today, most burglars don’t try picking the lock but do use other ways to enter. For example, enter through an open window or entryway that was left opened. Also, many burglars kick the front entryway down. So, how do you reinforce exterior doors?

Replace the deadbolt strike plate

Most locksmith like to use the phrase “adding layers of protection” when it comes to door security. So this means improving the strike plate. The metal part where the deadbolt latch secures into the door jamb is called the strike plate. Most of the time, the strike plate only holds the entryway shut. 

So, it’s not good enough to keep the entryway shut when a criminal uses forced entry techniques (kicking and drilling). Replacing the strike plate with a heavy-duty model that brings longer screws will improve the entryway’s capacity to withstand a couple of power kicks. 

Reinforce the door frame

reinforce the door frame

Now, even with a heavy-duty strike plate installed, a tenacious thief can break the door frame with an attack of hammers and kicks. Usually, there’s only an inch or so of wood securing the strike plate into the plate. Enough strong kicks will destroy your strike plate. So, to better guard, your door against forced entry attacks use an entryway reinforcement kit

Some of these products add a layer of steel to counteract door jambs from breaking apart, making the action of kicking an entryway significantly more challenging to accomplish. There might even be a burglar with a broken foot hospitalized in the hospital after trying to kick a reinforced door.

Replace hollow-core entryways with sturdy wood or metal doors

The next recommendation could cost you a little more, but it will effectively lower a break-in. Remember, hollow-core entryways should only get installed for the interior like the restroom, not for exterior door use. Yes, sturdy wood entryways cost more but give more security and sound proofing than hollow core models. Pine entryways exist as the most affordable of wood alternatives, but hardwood works best or preferred. 

People also choose steel entryways since these entryways bring affordability and more security furthermore, resist rotting unlike wood doors. Now, fiberglass gives better rust/rot protection, but can break under the impact, and costs more than steel. 

Secure the entryway hinges if the entryway swings out

secure the entryway hinges if the entryway swings out

When a skilled burglar sees an entryway that swings outward, the burglar could attack the entryway’s other weakness the hinges. There are some ways to improve hinges security. For instance, you could setscrew in the hinge, fast riveted pins, and, add safety studs. All of these methods prevent the hinge pin from getting removed and the entryway from being lifted up. 

Include layered lighting and surveillance

include layered lighting and surveillance

Preferably, you will like a burglar to look at your front entryway and simply skip it at first glance. Making it evident the front entryway is under surveillance with adequate lighting and cameras can raise your home security to a level a thief wouldn’t want to mess with at any time. 

Installing cameras and motion-detecting LED light over an entryway is a reasonable addition to an entryway. You could also connect more tech front door options to Wi-Fi/wireless empowered devices for remote monitoring. 

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