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How to find a good locksmith that you can trust?


How to find a good locksmith that you can trust?

How to find the best locksmith company that will fix & replace your locks in your home, business or car? It is a very important decision who you are going to let in your house, business, or car for the reason of safety, theft, and workmanship. Now the first thing you might do is google a business and the first page should do right? Well not so simple the first page of Google is filled with advertisers that might not be reliable enough for your safety and quality.
1. There is a section only for advertisers that might not be in business for too long offering services that might leave you vulnerable.
2. Make sure he is local, there is a lot of locksmiths that advertise in cities hours away. Not good for an emergency lockout situation.
3. Make sure that the company is licensed and insured for your protection; many companies are not.
4. Ask the locksmith for i.d
5. Try to reach out to a locksmith before an emergency so you can be prepared.

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