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How to Buy a Door Lock for my House?

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Your home security starts when you buy a door lock. Regrettably, some homeowners neglect the security aspect of the door for curb appeal. Instead, they have a beautiful entrance with a weak door lock, meaning their safety has drastically decreased. 

Yes, the door looks nice, but burglary will always be an issue wherever you live. Most people will say they live in a gated community, but that doesn’t matter since thieves don’t all look like low lives. Some look like yard workers, neighbors with a sinister past, and even an ex-partner.

Therefore, consider these tips below before purchasing a door lock that can provide what it is supposed to do: security and peace of mind.


The 9 Best Door Locks Brands

best door lock brands

Most people will find the best door locks on a Google search page list or top door lock list. A list can help; however, these have monetary gains from the companies they sponsor. So, buying a door lock from a trusted and tested door lock brand is better. 


You can deny that you have witnessed or seen someone buy a $20 cheap lock and complain afterward on a webpage about how bad it was, but it cost $20. You cannot secure anything today for that little cash, but that doesn’t mean you need to go broke.


You can find the best door locks by buying from these brands below,


  • Kwikset
  • Schlage
  • Baldwin
  • Yale
  • Corbin Russwin
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • RR Brink
  • Medeco
  • ASSA-Abloy


Why do I recommend Buying from the Above Door Lock Brands?


American National Standards Institute (ANSI) can grade locks, with Grade 1 being the most secure and Grade 3 being the least. So, for example, a cheap tubular lock will probably be a Grade 3, a decent-quality handle set, or a Grade 2. 


The best Grade 1 deadbolt lock features anti-pick pins, bump-proof resistance, extra-long bolts in tough alloys, and sturdy strike plates with long screws to secure the door frame from forced entry techniques. While buying a door lock, get the best security from the top door lock brands. 

Makers don’t necessarily list lockset grades, so you might need to ask the sellers. Here, we provide the best door locks with the proper installation to protect your door.


Buy a Deadbolt Door Lock

deadbolt lock installations

I understand the home front curb appeal is essential, and we all want to install a nice shiny keyed knob lock. However, a keyed knob by itself won’t offer much security. So, I recommend pairing it with a grade 2 or 1 deadbolt. 


For example, you can install a one-cylinder deadbolt that unlocks with a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. Or, if you want more security, consider buying a double-cylinder deadbolt that needs a key to open and close on both sides. 


While high-security double-cylinder deadbolt locks provide extra security on doors with sidelights or glass, an intruder can’t smash the glass and open the door— it can slow an escape during a fire because you need a key to open it. 


Smart Door Locks 

different types of smart door locks

Consider smart door locks if you are technology savvy or have a smart home system. These can go on a modern house or for homeowners who want to upgrade their home door curb appeal. However, the issue is the cost since some are expensive. 


Yet, you can enjoy opening and closing your door remotely if you have the cash. You can also know when the door opens or who opens the door. Don’t worry; you can buy a smart door lock with a quality Grade 1 or 2 grading system like traditional locks. 


Hire a trusted locksmith near Miami-Dade for the best lock installation.

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