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How do You Prevent Duplication of Keys?

prevent duplication of keys

At some time in their lives, most people will make duplication of keys for residential houses or offices. Locksmith key copy services advise doing this as soon as possible so you are always prepared.

These days, it’s unheard of not to have copy keys for your house, apartment, office, or car. However, being locked out of your home simply because you forgot your key and could not find a spare is annoying. The only options left to you are to shatter a window, force the door open, or eventually call a locksmith in Miami, FL, for assistance.

However, you can prevent residential or office lockouts with our key duplication tips below. 


Tips to Prevent Key Duplicating


Consider having multiple duplicate keys to prevent lockouts but keep them safe. Place your spare keys in a secret and secure location or leave them with a reliable person. Remember to change the area where you hide the key duplicates. Unfortunately, many homeowners continue to keep their extra keys outside. 


Consequently, thieves are aware of this, so the locations no longer safe are under the doormat, above the window, or near plants. Handing your spare keys to your family members, companion, friend, or a reliable neighbor or hanging them around your mean guard dog is preferable.


Change the Door Locks if You Lose your Keys Immediately

door lock replacement services

Changing door locks protects your home from intruders who could try to enter using a misplaced or duplicate key. When you move into a new home, you typically change the locks. Usually,  many past renters or owners could have used the duplicate keys as you.

They might have made a duplication of the keys. These individuals might be former owners, family members or friends, contractors and subcontractors, and home cleaning services. Remember that you’ll need the services of a reliable locksmith to change your locks.  


Use “Do Not Duplicate” Keys

do not duplicate keys

‘DO NOT DUPLICATE’ is printed on these keys. Organizations typically print these words on keys to guaranteeing security, particularly from past employees. Key cutters aren’t supposed to make copies of these keys unless the owner has permitted them. You could print a do not copy mark when making copies of your office or house keys. When making copies of your keys, you could do this. It is one approach to making your home locks more secure.

However, since there are no laws for this key, locksmiths, and stores may still duplicate keys with the DND mark, neglecting the impression of security. Unauthorized key duplication is still a severe security risk today, so we urge customers who want more powerful security to buy patented key control systems.


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Buy Restricted Keys to Improve Security

buy Medeco resticted key

To further increase your security, other key systems are readily available. Restricted keys are forbidden from being duplicated by laws. The key’s original maker is the only one with the authority to replicate it. Due to their sophisticated design and manufacturing requirements, these are difficult to duplicate. 


Their patents offer greater security, and professional locksmiths can recognize these restricted keys since they differ from regular keys in appearance. In addition, laws prohibit the duplicating of specific keys. Before duplicating, these keys require authorization. These are innovative security precautions in case a duplication of keys occurs, or a copy is manufactured. 


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Hire a Locksmith Service to Make Duplication of Keys

You must have confidence in your locksmith. They can make copies of your keys and open your locks since they have received specialized training. To protect their customers and the community, locksmiths must keep their specific knowledge and talents secret. They utilize their locksmithing expertise for good.


So, they keep confidential any knowledge that comes with the key duplication services in Miami they offer.

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  1. I find it surprising that you could use locksmiths to duplicate keys and avoid unwanted lockouts. I have a colleague who wants to own a home close to lakes and nature. I should probably talk to him about finding locksmith experts in the future.

  2. It’s great that you discussed that we should hire a locksmith with specialized training in key duplication. My friend wants to get her keys duplicated. I should advise her to hire an expert in key duplication to ensure their safety.

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