How Can I Open My Safe Without My Safe Combination?

how to open my safe without my safe combination

Everyone searches for a safe locksmith near me in situations where individuals have lost or forgotten their safe combinations. Often, people may lose their safe combination, forget it, or even lock it inside the safe. Another example is when people have moved into another house and find the house has a wall or in-floor safe.

Remember, a great safe comes with in-built security features designed to keep intruders out and allow just the combination. Sometimes, there are a few things that your local locksmith in Miami can do to get inside.

How to get in the safe without the combination

how do you get in the safe without the combination

The best way to get into a safe when the user loses the combination will depend on the safe you have. You can attempt to get into the safe by getting an override key, having a Miami locksmith make a key, recovering the code to the safe from the manufacturer, breaking into the safe, or drilling it open professionally.

Most people have seen movies where an expert cracks the safes open using a stethoscope. This isn’t possible because the safes security features don’t allow access to users without the right code. Or only with professional assistance from a locksmith in Miami.

How to get a safe combination of an open door

Sometimes the door is open, but you don’t have the safe combination. This situation is usually easy to manage. The best recommendation is to hire a locksmith to change the combination, or reset it back to factory settings, for example, if it is an electronic safe. 

When you have a heavy safe, you can remove the safe’s door and take it to the locksmith, or the expert can go to you.

Essential things to know about your safe to help open it without the combination

  • Brand. Most brands have their name written on their items, and this makes it simple to find.
  • Serial number. You need to know the serial number, which most companies write it at the back of the safe.
  • Model. This is a complicated part since most safes are heavy and often bolted, making it difficult to find the model. However, with a serial number, a locksmith can figure out what model it is.
  • Although, without the serial number and model, an image of the safe can help the locksmith with ideas.

Think about using the safe’s key to open it, if possible

think about using the safes key to open it

Most safes have backup keys that an operator can use when they lose the combination. Usually, you can find backup keys in cheap safes. The manufacturer can likewise help you and send you the key override, in case the safe had one. If there is a key override, the manufacturer will frequently mail you the backup key so you can get into your safe. 

Often, you can regularly reset the electronic lock yourself. Also, you can take the door to a locksmith shop or they can go to your place and reset the electronic lock or safe dial for you.

If the manufacturer won’t or can’t give a key, the key overrides can still be useful. Most of the time, the local locksmith can regularly access the safe by picking the lock or making a key to it. 

When there is a number stamped close to the keyhole of the key override, a locksmith can easily get into the safe, without damage. Safe keys make it simple to get into a safe without drilling the safe open so you can save some money. When open, a locksmith can reset the safe’s combination for you.

Opening a cheap safe

A few safes are cheap and hiring a safecracker to open it may cause more labor cost than the price of the safe. Thus, you can either call a low-rate locksmith to open it for you or break it open; but, you probably need to purchase another.

Two different ways of getting a safe combination:

With a serial number, a locksmith Miami can assist you with recovering the combination.

You can use a master override code to trace the safe number when you have an electronic safe.

Drilling your safe open

Your last option for opening a costly safe is hiring an expert locksmith to drill it open. With the model and serial number, the locksmith (safecracker) can drill points off the safe

This can make getting into the safe cheaper than if this information weren’t accessible. The locksmith will know exactly where to drill in order not to trigger any of the safe’s security measures.

If you live in Miami-Dade, you can call our locksmith Miami Company for fast assistance. Want to read more? What to Look for When Buying a Safe.

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