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How can Business Owners Prevent Commercial Burglary?

prevent commercial burglary

Most business owners can prevent commercial burglary with our many locksmith precautions tips. Although it seems like a significant investment, it will save your business a lot of cash over time. 

Our Best Locksmith in Miami tips will prevent a business burglary. 


Don’t Tempt Burglars with Inventory 


Consider storing all valuable items in a lock casing. Furthermore, more minor lightweight things that are simple to grab must be put far away from doors and windows.

Consider removing high-risk window display items like jewelry and electronics when you close the store. 


Replace Single Pane Windows with Tempered Glass

burglar breaking window

Think about laminated windows or tempered glass to stop burglars from smashing a window and grabbing an item. Tempered glass can prevent smash-and-grab entry methods since the glass is more robust and won’t break easily. 

You can even consider impact windows for commercial properties since burglars don’t like noise as it attracts attention. 


Install Sturdy Locks on your Windows and Exterior Doors

sturdy electronic lock

Installing a sturdy lock to your first-floor windows discourages opportunistic criminals who quickly turn the window latch to enter a business. Use high-security deadbolt locks on your exterior doors, including the back door. 

If the building code allows, consider using double-cylinder locks since they require a key to open them, making it difficult for criminals to break in and escape. 


Buy a Safe and Keep it Hidden and Secure 


Burglars know a business store significant items like cash, jewelry, and documents inside safes. If you have a business burglar safe, keep it hidden and not visible to criminals. 

¿Not knowing where the safe is will hinder the thief from trying to find it. You can also secure the safe to the floor and not leave much money in the store. 

Increment Visibility with Lighting


The building needs bright lights inside and outside, particularly at access points and store areas containing valuable items. Consider leaving the cash registers open during nighttime so burglars know there is no cash inside the building. 

Motion-detecting lights can save business owners cash on utility bills while preventing dark places from springing up your business entries. 

Types of Burglaries


When an intruder enters unlawfully into a building to commit theft, it is called a commercial burglary. 


Experts often place burglary in three unique categories. These three categories describe the various motivators and characteristics of criminal activities, including:


Regularly, the crime is quick and doesn’t lead to many monetary losses. These criminals enter through a  window secured with a latch instead of a sturdy lock. The opportunistic burglar will take whatever items are closest. 


  • The Smash-and-Grab Burglar-Smash and grab burglaries can devastate a business because of the malicious property damage they cause to the building doors or windows. Usually, the criminal plans the crime ahead of time. These intruders may bring power tools to cut through cheap locks and burglar bars. 

You may even have seen a video of criminals using a stolen truck as a battering ram to enter a property illegally. The attack causes significant damages that cost money to fix or increase your insurance premium if you call them. 

These criminals usually target top-end businesses, for example, banks, jewelry, and even luxury stores. Therefore, the value of the stolen merchandise can bankrupt the company. 

  • Sophisticated Burglary-Sophisticated burglary involves an intricate plan to take things, generally of high value. Since burglars plan for alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and security/police response, these crimes are not quick jobs. These criminals take their time hauling things and steal them before the police arrive. 

What Burglars Look for in a Business?

night opportunistic burglar

When looking for a potential target, there are some things criminals look for: 


  • Neglected Properties include damaged TV displays, old signs, not working lights, old doors with low-quality locks, and obsolete windows with latches. 


  • No Security Presence: Most criminals like to see cameras, alarms, and guards not monitoring the premises. 


  • Simple Access: Without sturdy locks on your exterior doors and first-floor windows, burglars know that breaking in is much simpler. Moreover, showing items beside glass doors and weak, unsecured doors can invite burglars to your business. 


  • Low Visibility: Low-lit stores make it simple for burglars to hide.


How do Burglars enter a Business?


Since most burglars are opportunists, they will pick the simplest way to enter. The most common ways that burglars break into a business are through windows or entryways. 


  • Doors left open or unlocked.
  • Doors left unattended. 
  • Weak locks on doors and windows make it easy to enter.


Most business owners invest in surveillance cameras since they bring technology hype instead of investing in the front and back door high-security locks to prevent commercial burglary.

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith can Help Prevent Commercial Burglary


Caraballo Liberty Locksmiths can help business owners design a security model that fits their requirements and budget. 

Call us today so we can assist you with protecting your business from burglars. If you or someone you know needs Spanish assistance, click cerrajero near me.


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