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How Big is Key Control For Your Business?

how big is key control for your business

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith in Miami experts have worked in the Miami area for many years now, and we see many businesses with key control issues. Business owners are paying too much consideration to high-tech or cyber-crimes; it’s simple to overlook that those physical metal keys can make your business vulnerable, as well.

How many entryways in your office use mechanical keys? Do your primary entryways require only a key to open? How about other essential room such as the server or file room? Do you have costly stock or supplies ensured by lock and key?

Mechanical keys still don’t tell much when a crime occurs. If the stock or supplies disappear, you may have no real way of knowing who opened the entryway. More bad news, most keys can be copied without your authorization, and you may have no clue the number of individuals that have access to your doors. So without further wait Miami Locksmiths will talk key control:

Survey the Risk

Here are a couple of things to ask:

How many keys has your business issued?

Do you know the employees who hold those keys?

Do you control who copies your keys?

If you replied no or not sure to any of those inquiries, you have flaws in your security that you have to fix quickly.

Patented Keying System

patented keying system

Most keys can be copied at nearby hardware shops since anybody can buy the key blank. Asking that your locksmith stamp a “Don’t Duplicate” on the key is pointless if the delivery of blanks isn’t carefully limited or control by the producer.

The primary way that a producer can plan to control the sale of their key blanks is by getting a Utility Patent. A Utility Patent applies to how the invention works, instead of a Design Patent, which only applies to how an invention looks.

When a patent is issued, it is unlawful for a third party to make a key that will work in the patented lock. Therefore, the only merchants that have access to the blanks are locksmiths who are under contract with the maker. So if a corrupt employee attempts to duplicate a patented key, they can’t stop by the nearby hardware store since its illegal.

When employing a legitimate locksmith, give them a list of people who are approved to buy copy keys for you. The locksmith needs to have a way of verifying identification and recording the details of each key they cut.

Master Key System Design

master key system design

After you’ve worked out a patented keying system, now, is time for you and the locksmith to plan a master key system. The system commands the keys that will work in the entryways. For example, you might want to enable every key holder to open the front entryway, but only the CIO and trusted manager will access the high-security server rooms or where you have expensive stock or supplies.

Be even more careful with your grand master key; this key opens every door in your office or business. If the grand master key is lost or stolen, you would have to re-key all entryways.

Businesses with many employee turnovers might need to think about a locking system that uses interchangeable cores. If the employee loses a key, or if a worker leaves without returning their key, you can remove the core and add-on another one in a couple of minutes.

Re-Key Your Business

When you have agreed on the master key system, you are prepared to re-key. Rekeying will include putting in new cores into your current locks but don’t worry this is a job for an expert locksmith.

Sign Out Keys

sign out keys

Now, that you have installed a new keying system, you are prepared to sign out keys. Each employee that gets a key should consent to a key holder agreement. The agreement should express that keys must not be lent out, and lost keys must be accounted for right away.

Furthermore, clarify that all keys must get surrendered at the end of the termination of employment. At times, you could retain the last check until the employee gives back your passkeys.

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