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Home Security Tips for Apartment Owners

home security tips for apartment owners

When you own a house, your Locksmith near me knows it’s easier to provide home security tips since you and your family live on the same property. The situation changes when you lease an apartment. You will live near other people and will share the same building. This means more individuals will enter and exit, which may increase the danger of potential threats.

Our locksmith Brickell experts will discuss some home security deterrents to consider before moving into an apartment in this article. Plus, security measures you can use to secure your apartment.

Check the Lighting

check the lighting

Apartment buildings regularly have dark, unsecured places, making them ideal for burglars who need to sneak around. It’s essential to know that you’re protected in those areas.

For example, hallways, parking lots, storage rooms, waste management areas, flights of stairs, pantries, mailrooms, and other common dark areas should have good lighting or surveillance cameras.

Usually, you can try to bring someone along and look around to see how well everything is lit. Also, good home security tips are to see whether the area has any motion sensor lights or if you can install them close to your door.

Communal door

It’s significant to contemplate the security of the building perimeter, too. Often, the communal door will require a key, password, or buzz-in.

So, the inhabitants can control who enters the complex or apartments. Usually, the communal door will have an audio and video entry system.

Upgrading Door Locks is an Excellent Home Security Tip

Ideally, your apartment will have a deadbolt lock, but if not, make sure to install a deadbolt lock when you move in. Request that your landlord rekeys or change the doorknob locks on your door. No one can know for sure how many copies keys may be out there.

So, you need to ensure you’re the only person to have access to your apartment. Like chain locks or a door reinforcement lock, Mounting auxiliary door locks are other ways to secure your condo.

Cover Your Windows

It’s horrible to know that many burglars spy for good pickings before choosing a target to burglarize. An ideal approach to keep your place off the target list is to cover the windows with blinds.

Keep your blinds shut when you’re not home and during the day. Remember, when your lights are on around nighttime, and your blinds are open, everyone could see everything inside too!

Home security deterrents-patio door

home security deterrents patio door

When you live on the ground floor and have a patio, you have to understand that your sliding glass doors are easy targets for unauthorized entry. Regardless if you lock the patio door, some sliding doors may not have enough protection to prevent a burglary.

Often, burglars can force them off their tracks easily or bypass their latches. To enhance the security of a sliding patio door, arm it with a security bar and add a sturdy lock.

Meet Your Neighbors

There is truly something amazing about becoming more acquainted with your neighbors. Knowing your neighbors resembles having smart surveillance cameras all around your building. Usually, when neighbors know one another, they’re bound to look out for suspicious activity in the area and alert you if they see anything suspicious.

Look for respected individuals in your apartment complex who you think are excellent people and start up conversations.

Safe Installion

invest in a safe

When someone enters your apartment, that doesn’t mean they should take all of your valuables. A burglar safe is an excellent security deterrent that can work well for sneaking roommates and untrusted guests.

Money, jewelry, guns, heirlooms, significant documents, and different valuables can be kept safe inside. Therefore, talk with your landowner about installing a wall or floor safe for better security.

Alarm system

Most burglars don’t like homes and apartments with alarm systems. So having one in your new leased apartment can work well to deter criminals from targeting the property. Because of modern innovation, most security systems work wireless, so you won’t have to break the walls, which means the landlord won’t have any grievances.

However, if you own the apartment, you can install a wired alarm system since it brings more benefits and even tracking.

The Importance of Home Security Tips and Deterrents

the importance of home security

Our recommendation is to work with your landlord to make your apartment as secure as possible under the situations.

They should give you the chance to pick excellent home security deterrents and door lock you require to enhance your security.

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