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Home Lockout Prevention Tips

home lockout prevention tips

Needing a residential locksmith service near me is frustrating when you experience a lockout, but our home lockout prevention tips can help. Misplacing keys can be just as annoying. Retracing your steps and searching everywhere in your house is time-consuming and wasteful energy-wise.

Some people never seem to find their keys or lose them habitually. Are you those people? Regardless of your home key, vehicle key, or office key, you will always search through your home for those slippery keys.

However, it would be nice to track your keys once, preferably easily. Rather than rummaging through purses, pockets, clothes, and sofas, you would precisely know where to find your keys.

Locksmith near me for a home will offer you some simple and neat ways to monitor your keys, which are particularly valuable for individuals who have bad habits of losing them.

To prevent a home lockout make it a habit to remember your keys

to prevent a home lockout make it a habit to remember your keys

Our lives are busy with work schedules, but if you want to know how to monitor your keys, make a key routine schedule too! The best tip to find your keys is to always put them in the same spot. For instance, always place your keys on a hook close to your front door or inside a desk when you return home.

The spot doesn’t matter much as long as you use the same spot every time. You could put your keys on a hook, a bowl, close to your telephone charger, and a desk. After some time, this action will become a habit, and you’ll know without thinking where you left your keys!

Tie your keys to something significant

If you can make it a regular habit of putting your keys away in the same spot for whatever reason, consider using an item to tie your keys like a bigger object you would rarely lose. For instance, if you always carry a handbag when you go out, tie your keys inside your purse using a long chain or with a carabiner hook.

Or, for a modern approach, you could use a thin ribbon to attach your key to your wallet and always keep the key in the coin area. This technique isn’t convenient, but if you keep the key tied to something you will never want to lose, like your purse or wallet, you won’t lose it.

Use a key-finding device

If trying to keep track of your keys feels impossible, purchase a tracking device to help carry out the job! There are innovations accessible that permit you to attach a tracking chip to your keys to find them with your cellphone.

You can often apply an attachment to your keys that beep when you press the right button.

Have a locksmith make spare keys to prevent the home lockout situation

have a locksmith make spare keys to prevent the home lockout situation

When all key-finding techniques fall flat, asking a locksmith to make extra keys to the house proves useful. Hide the key in a secret place outside your home for emergency purposes or give a spare key to a family member, neighbor, or friend that lives nearby. If you lose it, consider asking a locksmith to change your locks to thwart any burglary attempts.

When people lose keys, they need to replace or re-key their locks to feel safe at home again. If a homeowner loses the house keys somewhere and a criminal finds it, they can tail you home and enter your home with no problem. If you have no clue where your home keys are, it’s time you bring in an expert locksmith to get your locks re-keyed, and it’s a much cheaper service than replacing the entire lock.

Switch your Traditional Locks to Smart Locks

switch your traditional locks to smart locks

Another solution for those who will always lose their home keys is not to use a key anymore. You can open a smart lock by unique methods without using a key. Smart locks come in keypad combination locks, eye scanning locks, and using your fingerprint. Do research before buying a smart lock and see which one suits your needs.

Installing a smart lock on your door will remove the requirement for a key while protecting your home from burglars. One significant thing to know when you switch to a smart lock is the battery charge in your lock.

When the lock battery dies, the only alternative you can use to get inside is a backup key, which you most likely didn’t consider because carrying a key wasn’t important anymore. However, you can purchase a smart lock that beeps when the battery is low, so you have ample time to change it.

Need more home lockout prevention tips, call us for solutions.

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