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Guide To Hardware Parts of a Door Lock

guide to hardware parts of a door lock

Do you want to explore the world of door hardware parts online at our Locksmith Miami website or want to visit your local home improvement store to buy door lock hardware? Then, it will help to talk about locks that may meet your security, performance, and style needs.

From deadbolt to bore, strike plate to trims, our expert Locksmith Coral Gables will assist you with the understanding of some common terminologies. Also, help unlock the often secretive world of door hardware. 

It’s really simpler than it sounds once you get the hang of it, and after you can go surprise your local locksmith Miami with your recently obtained information on parts of a door lock. 

Let’s begin with the parts of the lock you’ll commonly find in a homeowner’s door hardware.

Hardware Parts of a Door Lock

hardware parts of a door lock

Chassis-Like your motor in the car, this is the internal body of the lock, the inside working mechanisms inside the door. Also, the chassis determines whether your lock is privacy/bed and bath, passage/hall and closet, or combined interior. 

Trim-Often, the trim is a decorative plate joined to the door under the doorknob or lever. Plus, there are many accessible trim styles and finishes that can meet your particular preferences. Also, fit the uniqueness of your home’s appearance and style. 

Escutcheon-Escutcheon is any plate, for example, trim and handle set plates that surround a keyhole or lock. It secures the lock cylinder from being drilled, furnishing your home with extra security, and shields the surrounding region from being scratched by a key. 

Faceplate-The faceplate shields the lock from wear and tear and is a metal plate on the edge of the entryway, near the latch or deadbolt. It can have round corners or be a circular drive-in faceplate. 

Backplate-It’s used with a rounded corner faceplate. The expert mounts the backplate with the latch so it’s between the faceplate and the latch bore. 

Latch bolt-This lock has a beveled, spring-operated bolt that engages with when you close the entryway. If you’ve locked yourself out of your home, you know what a latch bolt is. 

Spindle-The spindle is the bar that connects doorknobs or switches through the entryway and works the lock mechanism. 

Strike plate-The strike plate is a metal plate that is attached to the doorjamb and has a hole that accommodates the lock bolt. It isn’t just decorative since the strike plate secures the doorjamb and enhances security to the opening.

Deadbolt lock

deadlock bolt i

Perhaps the best technique for securing your doors, deadbolt locks only function with a key from the outside or thumb turn on the inside. People frequently install deadbolts on outside doors or interior doors with high-security needs over a knob, lever, or a handle set.

Other door hardware parts and terms

There are a couple of more door hardware parts and terms you may find useful regarding door equipment. 

Backset-The backset is the distance from the edge of the entryway to the centerline of the prepared cross borehole drilled to install most locks. With all set-ups, there are minimum and maximum required measurements for your lock to be perfect.

Bore holes-Bore holes are the holes in the entryway that accommodate your door equipment and permits installation. The expert drills the cross bore into the face of the entryway where the body of the lock gets mounted. The latch bore is the hole drilled from the side of the door into the cross bore to permit the latch of the lock to be installed and to suit the sliding of the deadbolt. 

Handling-Handling shows how a door swings and it is essential to understand while picking a good lock for your needs. A left-handed lever has the door hinges on the left side as you look at the exterior of the door. A right-handed lever has the door hinges on the right side of the entryway as you look at it from the outside.


The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association ensures the quality and performance of the builder’s equipment through a grading system that assesses the equipment’s endurance under research in laboratory conditions to simulate genuine use. 

They look at three different categories, for example, security, durability and finish and grade alphabetically (A, B, and C).

Locksmith Miami

locksmith miami

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