Garage Door Security Tips

garage door security tips

We can provide your home with the proper garage door security at Caraballo Liberty Locksmith Miami. Usually, we don’t talk much about garage door break-ins, well, not as much as the front door. So, that’s the reason we want to provide you with some tips that can reinforce your garage door security.

It may take only a few minutes for a criminal to break into your garage and grab your valuables. If you have an attached garage, there’s considerably more reason to rethink your garage security.

With some logic and carefulness, and a couple of security deterrents and tips, Locksmith in Miami will guide you on the best way to secure your garage from break-ins.

Use these garage door security hints to help make your home more secure and a less appealing target for burglars.

Think like a burglar

think like a burglar

The first tips may sound odd, but check it out. Walk around the outside of your carport and the rest of your home and think about how a burglar enters your home. For example, do the garage windows have tints or glazed, do you have a sturdy lock on your garage door, and do you have hidden spots where a burglar can hide?

Which areas appear the most vulnerable, perimeter or interior? How secure is your carport and front doors? Looking at your home from the point of view of a burglar could be valuable and helpful. You can do this exercise at night, too.

Lock your garage door

If you need to manually open and close your garage doors, consider always keeping the doors locked. Most houses these days have automatic garage door openers. However, this system provides better convenience but also can make the garage door easier for a high-tech knowledgeable burglar to bypass.

When you’re going on a trip, it’s a smart thought to use a padlock clamped on one of the door tracks to ensure they remain shut. Do you have an old garage door opener that doesn’t have smart tech that detects when your doors are open or shut? Then consider unplugging the automatic opener when you go on your trip.

Upgrade your other doors

upgrade your other doors

Since it’s difficult to bypass your garage doors because of their quality, consider giving some consideration to your other doors. Your home’s front door and back door should have durable strong cores with sturdy deadbolt locks. The garage service door and the door leading to the house (attached garage) need the same level of security as front doors.

For more security, you could likewise install door jamb reinforcement kits to the doors. Always keep these doors locked, even when you’re home. Burglaries also happen when an occupants are at home.

Zip tie your emergency door release

This is a cheap way to secure your garage door from a burglar who knows a fishing technique. Therefore, zip tie your automatic garage door opener’s emergency release for better protection. All automatic openers have a usually red-colored emergency release lever. Its whole purpose is to permit you to open or close your garage doors when there’s a power outage.

A clever burglar can exploit this feature. For instance, by forcing the top of the garage door open by making an accessible gap, they could get to the cord or switch by fishing for them with a wire hook and afterward pulling, which would open the door.

Secure the release lever or cord with a zip tie to protect them from tampering. However, make sure you leave a small knife close to the emergency release so you can cut the zip tie in case a fire erupts or another crisis takes place.

Try not to leave your garage open

try not to leave your garage open

How frequently do you drive and see your neighbor’s garage doors open with no one in sight? Well, the same thing happens to your garage when you leave it open while you work in the yard or house on an improvement.

Yes, you give a burglar a free opening to your home when you leave your garage open unnecessarily. Also, you’re permitting a passerby to see the content inside of your carport, for example, power tools and bikes.

Regardless if you’re working in your patio, it requires you to keep the garage door shut. Also, if you live in a safe neighborhood, don’t underestimate a burglar.

Try not to leave valuables in your garage or vehicle

Here’s a sound garage door security tip: don’t leave valuables in the garage or inside your parked vehicles.

You can use a garage to store everything that doesn’t fit inside the house. However, be careful not to keep valuable things, for example, money, jewelry, credit cards, and important documents in plain view inside your vehicle.

Always keep your garage door locked. Why take such an unnecessary risk?

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