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It used to be if you needed service because you were locked out of your home, you had to call a locksmith. That statement isn’t necessarily true in today’s day and age. In 2017, when you have lock issues you might need to call a home automation service or security consultant. So in all this new hoopla, where does, it leave the old school locksmith in 10 to 20 years?

Well, there is a business saying that says “we either evolve or die out like the dinosaurs”. As a locksmith in Miami for more than 25 years in the locksmith industry, we had to evolve also. As the technology has moved further along, we had to learn and keep up. Our services have changed from a mechanical specialist to include an array of services like Keyless Remote Repair, electric strikes, security systems, and video surveillance systems, as well as other high-tech security services. Some locksmiths are going to stay behind and in 20 years people won’t need a conventional locksmith service.

Do locksmiths need to change their style of thinking?

Just a few years ago new lock technology was usually seen in a new 007 movie and reserved for high-level government buildings and airports. Now we should change the name of a locksmith to a locks security & electronic specialist. As we are dealing with more technology in our homes, cars, and businesses than ever before.

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith has evolved unlike the dinosaurs and has introduced electronic security solutions to the public here in Miami FL. Some old fashion locksmiths don’t know how to deal with new clients that need solutions for CCTV, access control, and burglar alarm systems but we do.

So what’s in store for the feature of the locksmith industry?

New lock technology startups have thrust themselves into the game bringing in much more high-quality ease of use and efficiency. The old school authority in locks such as Schlage and Yale are also inventing new ways of getting you back into your home, cars, and businesses without a key.

Schlage’s Home Kit deadbolt is one of the new locks brought by the giant Schlage. This new deadbolt works with Bluetooth technology, the reviews are mixed on this one. But there are many new products in the market today that make you feel like you are in a movie.

Hotels are usually first in line to implement these new products to their customers as they are trying to please their clients as much as possible to make their stay stress-free. As of right now we still have to deal with a lot of keys as much as keyless entry clients. But you better believe the technology is just going to get better.

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