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Four Ways To Secure A Sliding Glass Door

four ways to secure a glass door

Every single locksmith in Miami understands the importance of securing a home. Ensuring that all your home access points are protected should be first thing on your priority list. Usually, keeping an eye on your patio door is a top priority.

Usually, people who live in Miami typically, have a minimum of one set of sliding glass doors. What better way to see the beautiful Florida sun than a using your sliding glass door?

Even though they supply amazing views, sliding glass doors are incredibly vulnerable to break-ins, making your home an easy target.

From doors to windows, everything ought to be taken under account when dealing with burglars. The windows and outside doors need deadbolts and other safety measures.

However, the most challenging entry point to protect remains the patio doors. Don’t worry Locksmith Miami has produced some reliable methods for increasing the safety and security of the sliding patio doors.

Sliding Doors Vulnerabilities

sliding door vulnerabilities

Sliding glass doors use latches instead of locks for locking. Sometimes inexperienced thieves could easily conquer most factory latches. Often offenders lift the door off its tracks without tools and removed them out of the way to enter. However, a thief’s favorite glass door break-in tool is a rock as the glass gets broken easily with force. Let’s take a look at some security measurement to reinforce the glass sliding door:


As stated previously, sliding glass doors are usually outfitted with simple latch locks which aren’t security focused. However, some homeowners would like to keep their simple sliding glass door latches so install an extra auxiliary lock.

Adding another lock offers homeowners the freedom to pick a more durable lock without putting a dent in their financial plan.

Homeowners may opt to put in a deadbolt in their sliding glass door or install sliding door loop locks which make it even more difficult for the glass door lock to get tampered.

Among the very best sliding door locks you can purchase and set up is the double bolt lock. It consists of two parts; the primary one connects to the door frame while you fix the other one on the sliding door.

Every time the sliding door gets close, the parts are together, and you may then slide the reinforced metal bolts to the door frame to keep your doors secure.

If you have any issues don’t worry we could assist you in your installation of patio glass door locks.

Use Blocking Bars

blocking bars

Add a wooden or metal bar along the base of your sliding door. The physical obstacle makes it difficult to remove the door if the burglar beat the lock or latch.

The bar mustn’t allow any space or openings. Another choice is the Charlie bar.

The device has a fold-down arm which blocks the doorway, usually at waist level, giving you a more functional interaction than bending to the ground every time you want to open your door.

Give regular maintenance to your tracks and rollers

Sliding patio doors typically run on a pair of rollers which glide over a track. When you allow the paths or rollers to get dirty or ruined, then your patio door will be easier to lift or bypassed.

To fight the maintenance issues, clean any built debris and dirt off the tracks and rollers. It is far more difficult to lift when everything is running smoothly than when the parts are dirty.

Fortify the glass

fortify the glass

By working to reinforce the area around the glass sliding door lock you make the bolt much more protected. Fortifying the glass decreases two things. For example, it helps minimize the visibility to the inside by offenders and secondly, strengthening the glass reduces the fragility of the sliding glass doors.

The top cost-effective method is by buying and implementing sheets of glass security film. First, to lower the visibility, you add tints. If a criminal still attempts to break-in and your locks hold up against a skilled lock-picker, then they won’t gain access by breaking the glass.

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