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Four Types of Locks You Need For Your Protection

four types of locks you need for your protection

Considering that door locks were produced over 4000 years ago in Egypt, Locksmith in Miami specialists has acknowledged much has changed concerning the sorts of locks people use today. Until a couple of decades ago, locks comprised of a simple standard bolt and key. Conventional lock are still use today for their durability and accessibility, and talented Miami locksmiths do the magic of installing these amazing customary locks on homes to guarantee safety and security.

The security of a home is a crucial part of a homeowner’s day. From the development of locks and keys, we have trusted key entryway locks for the security of our family home, things, and, even business properties. So allow me to show you what sorts of locks could best suit your necessities.


padlocks 2

Padlocks are never joined to anything, and they utilize a shackle to guard the object. It also means you can take the lock with you anywhere and they come in an assortment of sizes. There are mainly two styles of these sorts of locks-keyed and combination.

Both have three essential parts: the body, the shackle, and the locking device. Keyed latches, utilize a key to open the locking component.

A combination padlock is an incredible device that secures many things. For example, bicycle, motorcycle, storage spaces, chains, garages, tool shop, gym lockers, and, other significant matters. You could open combination padlocks by dialing a mix of numbers.

Nevertheless, these locks have many weaknesses that make lock picking and smash attacks easier to accomplish. For instance, assaults with bolt cutters, sledgehammers, or breaking the code.

Knob Locks

knob locks

These locks work best for private homes and offices as the secondary locking device next to the deadbolt on outside doors and for interior office doors. The right locksmith can make a custom knob lock for your requirements. These locks have a key barrel positioned on one side and a rotatable handle on the other that controls the locking mechanism.

While utilizing these locks on external doors, please make sure to install a deadbolt since knob locks remain an easy target for burglars. All you need is a sled hammer to knock off the handle and forceps to separate the locking instrument for someone to bypass these locks. Moreover, particularly weak against lock picking and shimming.



People use these locks for business, and residential exterior doors use since they come with many burglary-resistant features. Deadbolts utilize a turning barrel that drives a dash toward the door jamb that can’t be withdrawn until the locking chamber is pivoted. These locks are significantly more resilient against attacks from criminals and are impervious to shimming but can be vulnerable against lock picking unless you get a deadbolt that comes with anti-pick feature.

Please install a double-cylinder deadbolt on your exterior front door that has windows since it prevents burglars from breaking the glass and reaching in to turn the thumb bolt on a lock. Double-cylinder lock needs a key on both sides to open the door.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolt

These locks are surface mounted inside the door. The idea behind the production of these locks was to stop burglars from manipulating the deadbolt locking mechanism by separating the door frame with a crowbar. These types of locks use two interlocking vertical jolts that fall into a strike plate when the bolt is secured.

Jimmy proof deadbolts often use a single chamber that utilizes a key on one side and a turn handle on the other. Moreover, these deadbolts sometimes bring a remarkable flip that allows you to bolt the deadbolt so that even a key can’t separate the bolt.

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