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Four Types of Locks For Doors

four types of locks for doors

Allapattah FL, Locksmith experts, install the best types of locks for doors available in the industry today, from deadbolts to smart locks. It isn’t easy to come across a residential home that uses door bolts at almost any level.

When you find a home or property such as that, it’s possible that its occupants don’t care about security or that they found heaven and did not tell anyone. Door locks are an indispensable part of any residential security.

Most individuals are conscious of the fact that they cannot leave a door unlocked. However, not many people know the many types of door locks. Therefore, choosing the right door lock is equally critical.

Usually, you’ll find a locksmith in Allapattah, FL experts advising the clients of the right bolt for the customer’s door, for example, commercial, home, or office doors.

The main reason is straightforward as some locks operate better in one situation than they do in others.

Knob Door Locks

knobs for locks

Among the most usual type of door look on the market today. You could find knob locks on all kinds of doorways such as front entrance, bedroom, garage door side door, and, even back patio doors.

These locks have knobs on both sides, one side features a lock, and the other side features a keyhole to unlock the doorway.

Since the doorknob locking mechanism is within the knob (rather than the doorway) it is easily broken with a hammer, kick or stone and should not be the primary lock on front doorway.

It’s best left for interior doors as it still gives you privacy.

Lever-handle Door Locks

type of lever handle locks

These handle locks are usually, found on inside doors. The handle feels fine on your hands and therefore are trendier than conventional locks. Typically, you’ll see them on hospitals as it’s accessible for the disabled to use. Also, many locks don’t require keys since locking entails pushing or tapping a button onto the interior face. The disadvantages come from that it functions like knob locks, then sometimes they are broken with force or tools like a hammer. So are not recommended as the sole line of protection on the front door.

Deadbolt Door Locks

type of deadbolt lock

For a good reason, the deadbolt has become the most frequently used front door lock. Deadbolts come prepared to fight most forced entry techniques. For instance, kicking, lock-picking, and bumping make them cost-effective since you don’t need to add other deterrent measurements. Deadbolts utilize a metallic bolt that slides right into the door jam. The bolt is controlled with a latch inside the door and comes with a keyhole on the exterior.

There are Four Types of Deadbolt Door Locks:

Single deadbolts — Located on front doors, this kind of lock has the keyhole on the doorway’s exterior and a fixed thumb twist on the interior.

Double deadbolt locks- this doorway lock type has a key cylinder on both sides of the doorway and come without a thumb turn. These locks need a key, which is dangerous in emergency situations. People who remain inside need an available key.

Jimmy proof deadbolts — these alloy mount locks are very common with double doors since door modifications are minimal. The deadbolt connects with the jamb bracket, which makes it almost impossible to pull out or remove from the exterior. The lock screws are found on the interior of the doorway and have a hole drilled directly through the door for the rim cylinder.

Captive deadbolts — these locks are double deadbolts with a key resembling a thumb turn concealed on the interior. These locks are costly and need an outside key to take out the thumb turn.

Keyless Entry Locks and Smart Locks

type of keyless door locks and smart locks

Many individuals frequently think smart locks and electronic locks are the same, but it’s wrong. A smart lock needs a specific set of instructions from an approved device for it to be unlocked and locked. These directions get sent wirelessly, and they use wireless communication protocols.

Electronic locks don’t rely on wireless communication for locks to work but they need electrical current to be unlocked or locked. Electronically controlled locks are deadbolts which use a numbered keypad rather than a key, but some use both.

They need a code to open and more costly compared to other locks. Digital locks feature two kinds of keyless entry pads: touchpad or card system.

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  1. A locksmith is a professional who repairs and installs locks and other security
    systems. Some businesses and homes have multiple keys
    that must be kept in different places. These inconveniences could be eliminated
    by hiring a Locksmith. Besides fixing and installing locks, they could also suggest and install security systems, such as
    for example screen entryways. Often times, a lock will malfunction, which takes
    a locksmith to visit. A locksmith also can help you determine probably the most suitable security system.

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