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Everything You Need To Know About Car Key Replacements

everything you need to know about car key replacement

When you Google search for car key replacements, you finally realize how essential it is to have a spare car key. I’m not trying to make you feel worse about your misfortune. However, car owner is similar to homeowners regarding keys; they lose or misplace them a lot.

Our vehicle keys have a strange way of getting lost inside our pockets, underneath the sofa, or completely disappearing. Back then, this vanishing act was not a major ordeal. You could get a replacement at any hardware shop, a locksmith in Little Havana, FL, and a car dealer. However, that simplicity made it simple for thieves to take your vehicle.

Nowadays, progress in key innovation has made vehicles more difficult to take. Nonetheless, the car key replacement cost has soared, but most will say the price is worth the added security.

Let’s learn about some types of car key replacements that exist today:

Simple Keys and Fob

On most current autos, an electronic key fob, otherwise called a remote or transmitter, is an essential piece of the key set. The expense of replacing an electronic key fob varies from $50 to over $100, depending upon the automaker. However, the replacement won’t work independently since every key fob needs programming.

There is a route around this charge. Often, key fobs can be programmed by pressing a mix of buttons on the remote and key turns in the starter.

Furthermore, there are aftermarket key fobs that you can buy from a mobile locksmith. Like most aftermarket items, the quality will vary, but it remains the more affordable option.

Transponder Keys

transponder keys

After the 1990s, carmakers started placing a transponder chip into the plastic head of the vehicle key. The chip sends a signal to a receiver in the starter. When the “immobilizer” identifies a wrong signal or the false key in the ignition, the vehicle won’t start.

A transponder shank is either a simple vehicle key or a laser-cut key. The real contrast between a simple vehicle key and a transponder key is that the chip must be programmed before igniting the vehicle. Most auto locksmiths have the machines to program your transponder car key replacements.

In certain vehicles, the transponder key and the fob are one part, which adds to the car key replacement cost and limits the places you can find replacement parts.

An effective way to access your vehicle is to request a vehicle key without the transmitter. The key will work for everything except for turning the ignition. However, it can prove to be useful if you ever leave your keys inside the vehicle.

Laser-Cut Keys

A laser-cut key differs from a basic vehicle key because the shank is thicker and has fewer cuts or carved-out grooves. Laser-cut keys are frequently called sidewinder keys because of the particular winding cut on the shank.

The machines that cut these keys cost more than a standard key-cutting tool. Thus, only a few trusted locksmiths or home improvement shops will have one. Laser-cut keys also bring built-in transponder chips and must be programmed by a locksmith or dealer.

Switchblade Key

switchblade key

Switchblade keys bring shanks that fold into the key fob when they’re not being used and fly out with the press of a button. They can have a cut or a laser cut. One benefit of the switchblade key fob is the parts can be acquired separately.

If your key shank gets damaged, you can purchase the shank separately. However, a regrettable circumstance is that you have lost your key. Then you’ll require both the shank and the fob plus the programming of the two parts.

Keyless Entry Remote

keyless entry remote

A keyless entry remote, called a “smart key,” isn’t a vehicle key in the traditional sense. It is a key fob that is either embedded in the dash or, in modern vehicles, remains in your pocket. The driver could enter the car and ignite the motor with the press of a button.

A keyless entry remote’s top security is its capacity to utilize rolling security codes. The system randomizes the right code and keeps criminals from hacking it using a device called a code grabber.

The vehicle’s computer identifies the code produced by the smart key and verifies it before igniting the motor. However, the downside is this innovation isn’t theft-proof, and there have been various situations where high-tech thieves have to enter a vehicle with their smart key.

These keyless entry remotes limit your choices for another key. The replacement remote must be acquired at the car dealer or a trusted car locksmith service.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand how consulting a locksmith makes it easier to replace a vehicle’s lost or damaged key. I have a friend who wants to own a used vehicle this year. I believe this information is vital since he tends to forget or lose his house keys.

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