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Electronic Door Locks Installation VS. Mechanical Locks

door locks installation

There are two main types of modern door locks: mechanical locks and electronic door locks installation. Most homeowners and business owners use mechanical locks installed by a locksmith near Miami, FL. For instance, deadbolts, knob locks, levers, and mortise locks.

As innovation evolves and intruders use more sophisticated tools for illegal entry, low-quality mechanical locks permit access. The other issue is that traditional lock always requires a key and copies, making these lock and key systems old. Often, house and office keys can get lost and copied to permit unapproved access.

Electronic door locks don’t need mechanical keys to function. They provide security without keys since you can use:


  • Card entry.
  • Electronic locks need a battery to work for functioning.
  • You can use these locks on existing doors.
  • Remote access options.
  • Fast and straightforward to install.
  • Easy to use.


An electronic door lock can give you information on who entered and when. You can also control the region’s individuals can access by updating their entry cards.


How do you Decide Which Door Lock Installation Suits your Property?


Modern security evolves practically every day as the most recent technology shows better approaches for protecting your valuables. Yes, electronic door locks like smart locks quickly replace standard mechanical locks.

However, many people have questions like,” Which is better,” and some will even say, “Why change something that has proof of preventing entry like high-security door locks for a device without much track record.”

We have gathered some pros and cons for these two locking systems for home and business use. But, the truth, it will answer which device works well for your needs and keep your valuables and family secure.


Mechanical Locks Installation

door lock services in Miami

These locks worked without power or batteries and used a key. These traditional locks have thousands of years of history on their side. Most locksmiths in Miami, FL, still recommend these devices for security needs.




  • The innovation has slowed down and has not upgraded current security.


  • It can be a slow process when you try to open a high-security lock and force the user to start over.


  • It needs a reliable Miami Locksmith if any failure occurs on the device.


  • Without being aware of unapproved key duplication can leave your business vulnerable to burglary.


  • Mechanical locks can’t tell when the door was accessed or by whom.


  • Whenever someone makes an unauthorized key, stolen or lost, the owner may suffer rekeying services or locks replacement charges to negate unapproved entry.



  • Reliable and tested lock and key solutions for hundreds of years plus a rich history.


  • Hardware lasts a while without the requirement for maintenance.


  • Mechanical locks don’t need electricity or batteries.


  • Often, you can find a weatherproof exterior door lock.


  • All workers and home residents, including children, have a decent understanding of how mechanical locking systems work.


Electronic Door Locks Installation

Electronic door locks installation in Miami Florida

New security dangers mean manufacturers need to implement new security technology to address those flaws. Moreover, standard mechanical locks can cause business failures and limited functionality, unlike electronic deadbolt locks.


Cons include:


  • Need electricity through a battery or other.


  • If you lose power, you could lose the ability to open the lock.


  • May require training for operation.


  • Electronic door locks installation needs frequent battery replacements.


  • Many service options to add an electrical lock to your home or business can result in disastrous or inadequate results.




  • Electronic locks bring more security with many lock combinations and passwords.


  • Easily add or change combinations.


  • You can work it quickly and works at night.


  • Weather resistance alternatives for outdoor use.


  • Add, eliminate, or transfer clients with ease.


  • 24 hours monitoring.


  • Have access to a record log of who accessed and when.


  • You can DIY service the locks and make changes without paying a locksmith.


  • Can connect extra equipment, for example, intercoms, and cameras


Caraballo Liberty Locksmith can Install Both Types of Locks


The choice depends on the property owner. For instance, a modern owner wants something new and hip; an electronic lock suits them well. However, an owner who doesn’t like smartphones groans at the word battery should consider a mechanical lock with history on their side.

Contact Caraballo Liberty locksmiths in Miami, FL, to effectively install mechanical and electronic locks. Furthermore, you can lock and open entryways remotely with electronic door locks installation. It will provide your new worker’s fast access to only areas they need to visit.

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