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Door Locks Maintenance for Longevity and Good Service

door locks maintenance and services

Door locks maintenance is essential; these barriers can protect your family from potential burglars and wandering thieves. However, some people don’t know that door locks require some level of maintenance for excellent longevity.

Yes, door locks on your home or business and car need frequent maintenance to be effective against burglary attempts and everyday usage. Yet, many homeowners and business owners don’t waste time with door locks care. Instead, they replace their locks when they fail. If you properly maintain your locks, they’ll have a long life span and work better. In addition, it will help save the cash you’d spend on replacing them.

Therefore, follow our Locksmith Miami downtown best tips below so you can ensure that each door and lock works appropriately for longevity.


Door Locks Maintenance Tip #1 Keep Locks Clean and Lubricated

door and lock services

Not many individuals know that door locks need frequent cleaning – but you’ll need to use the correct tools. Frequently, property owners need to lubricate door locks with a graphite lubricant or dry lubricant. Then, splash it inside the lock, and move a key within and outside it a couple of times. It will eliminate an abundance of gunk. Next, homeowners should clean their exterior door locks with a wet rag to remove dust that can collect and obstruct it.

Our locksmiths suggest not using a cleaner instead of a gentle detergent since it can remove the lock’s finish and harm it. Usually, quality high-security deadbolt locks, biometric locks, keyless door locks, and electronic locks bring cleaning techniques. It makes it straightforward to clean it when you follow the maker’s recommended specific cleaning process. Instead, contact the maker to ask via email or free call if you’re not sure.


Make Key Copies from the Original


When a locksmith near you installs a new lock, ensure you save one of the original keys to make copies. Keys typically experience wear before locks do, and usually, people will need key replacement services. Keep in mind that as your keys wear, the design can change, and if that occurs, the new key won’t work with the door as it should.

Consider making a copy key from the original if you need an excellent operating key. Don’t ever use chipped or broken keys inside a lock since you may ruin or slowly wreck the interior locks mechanism.


Ensure the Door Hangs and is appropriately Aligned


If you install your door incorrectly, the lock won’t completely activate or may not work. Minimal misalignments in the door hanging can be challenging to see. Even the most minor misalignment can increase significantly inside the lock as pressure, warping, and mechanical malfunctions.

When your entryway binds or hangs, it puts a lot of stress on the lock and ultimately gives way, causing issues.  Well, issues like not allowing entry into your home through the door. So it’s essential to see that the space between the doorframe and the actual entrance is always even throughout the entryway’s perimeter.



5 Unique Lock and Door Maintenance Tips


  1. Check for sunlight between the frame and the entryway. When you see the light, the door may hang, or the door may have endured some damage. Usually, it’s less costly to fix your entryway now instead of calling a reliable Coral Gables locksmith in Miami later on when the door entirely fails.
  2. Check the floor and frame for rub marks. Try to see if the door drags on the ground or against the frame. The solution is to tighten the hinges as it may help remove or lower the issue’s seriousness.
  3. Crash bars and exit devices need maintenance, so try to lubricate them properly. Then, remove the head and splash it down, as it will help save you from emergency calls.
  4. Check the strike for obstructions like debris since a lock won’t work correctly.
  5. Can you see the latch? Stand outside the door and if you see or the door has a wide gap between the frame and door, consider a latch guard to shield it from a burglar’s crowbar.


Caraballo Liberty Locksmith has the Best Door Locks Services

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Don’t hesitate to contact a locksmith near you when you experience any door locking issues or even a lockout.

We are licensed and insured to deal with any door lock issue. We can handle all your security needs most dependably.

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