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Door Lock Installation Service Benefits

Quality Door Lock Installation Service

Every homeowner and renter needs a quality door lock installation service for peace of mind. You can own a home or apartment and feel good since you have an excellent place to live. However, how safe is your home at night or during the day? 

Have you felt unsafe because you know you haven’t changed the locks forever? According to The Zebra, thirty-four percent of burglaries occur through the front door, and many other break-ins happen through the windows. So, it’s essential to have good quality door locks installed adequately. 

The best way to prevent a break-in is to hire a locksmith near Miami to update your door locks and be aware of your property weaknesses. But usually, doors and windows are criminals’ prime targets for entering properties.


Can Quality Door Lock Installation Service Help Prevent Burglary?

lock installation service

A quality lock can prevent burglaries. A well-installed door lock installation service will enhance the front door security from the start. A lousy lock can put your home valuables and family safety in harm’s way. Have you seen videos of criminals opening a door with a well-placed kick like it didn’t hurt their leg at all?


The reason is simple: a weak lock can hold the door when an intruder tries to enter with force. On the other hand, a handle lock would be worse since a burglar would use a hammer to break the handle off to enter. Therefore, locksmiths recommend that if you have to install a lever lock on the front door, you add a deadbolt under it. 


Purchase a high-security lock right now and improve your home security features. Trust me; a criminal will break their foot or stop when trying to force themselves against a quality deadbolt lock installed by locksmith professionals.


The Door Material is Also Significant for Home Security

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You must be unprepared to install a hollow door in front of your home. These types of doors can handle much pressure or force. Hollow doors can work well in interior offices since the fear of a break-in is low. However, youll need a solid entry in an office that stores sensitive documents or valuables.


Therefore, a door lock service won’t do much for your security if you have a weak door. The homeowner often has a good entry, but it’s old and will give away when hit in the right spot. If you think your door is old or weak, consider replacing it with a steel door while replacing your door locks.


The Door Parts Need to Be Sturdy Too


The strike plate helps absorb physical force on the door, like an attempted kick-in.


However, if the strike plate is installed using short screws that a criminal can easily rip out, you just wasted your hard cash.


Always use 3-inch long screws; strike plates with 4 screw holes are better than those with only 2 holes.


Remember to hang your door properly for long-lasting service and do maintenance every 6 to 1 year.


A Deadbolt Lock is King in Home Security


Installing a door without a deadbolt can reduce your security, so consider adding a deadbolt to prevent being a new statistic. First, deadbolts extend a bolt into the doorframe but are not spring-loaded, and the burglar cannot shim or slip them.

When a door lock service installs a deadbolt lock correctly, brute-force attacks are almost guaranteed to fail.

However, if you buy a cheap deadbolt lock, those are vulnerable to bypassing methods such as lock picking and lock bumping. So instead, buy a quality lock from a locksmith store or even go with a smart lock that may cost more but remember, some of these locks can last a long time with proper care.

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