Door Lock Installation and Security – ANSI Lock Grades Explained

ansi lock grades explained

Traditional door lock installations have done their job to keep our possessions safe for a long time and are the standard for controlling access in many areas. Since their development, the durability and security of locks have increased along with their applications. Today, they control access to most all buildings imaginable from homes, apartments to FBI buildings.

However, most people today couldn’t care less about door lock security, but if you are different, investigate all the requirements of high-security door lock installations.

That’s where ANSI comes in. A private non-profit organization created the ANSI lock grading system to set up a standard testing procedure to measure the quality and strength of a lock. The ANSI lock grade system shows people the quality of the lock being bought. They made the system out of three lock grades. The top-rated locks can handle anything a burglar throws.

Today, I will reveal to you why doors need a durable ANSI rated lock:

ANSI Lock Grade 3

Lock grade 3 is the weakest of the three ANSI lock grades. People should view these locks as simple door equipment, for non-security situations, and the most affordable option. It is additionally the basic lock you will discover on homes.

Usually, people that don’t care or don’t know about security install grade 3 locks on their home but consider upgrading to Grade 2. Or, call a mobile Miami locksmith to install anti-bump, anti-pick pins in them to improve the lock’s security. Burglars can easily bypass these Grade 3 locks.

The testing for a lock Grade 3, the lock needs to handle 200,000 lock cycles, 2 door strikes, and a 150-pound weight test. Deadbolts have to handle 100,000 cycles and a 2 door strike hammer test.

ANSI Lock Grade 2

ansi lock grade 2

Lock Grade 2 is the next level as far as testing and security. Grade 2 locks are not adequate for some business buildings, however, they surpass the requirements for homes.

Grade 2 door handles must handle 400,000 cycles, 4 door strikes, and a 250-pound weight test. Grade 2 deadbolts must handle 150,000 cycles and a 5 door strike hammer test. You can find Grade 2 locks in our Miami shop.

ANSI Lock Grade 1

Lock Grade 1 is the highest lock rating. Manufacturers make these locks for business security, however, we see Grade 1 lock makers focusing on residential use especially with electronic locks.

Grade 1 locks and deadbolts can function admirably on homes when you need more security. However, they have limitations in style and finish choices since they look robust. Also, your wallet can see a dent since Grade 1 locks are the most costly.

Grade 1 door knobs must withstand 800,000 cycles, 6 door strikes, and a 360-pound weight test. Grade 1 deadbolts must withstand 250,000 cycles and a 10-door strike hammer test. We have some sturdy residential and commercial locks at our Miami store if you want to upgrade.

If you need any assistance with picking the right lock, call or go to our local Miami locksmith store for a quick solution.

The difference between residential grade locks and commercial grade locks

the difference between residential and commercial grade locks

The ANSI grading system doesn’t seem to make a difference between residential and commercial grade locks. As long as the minimums referenced above meet the tests, the grade will hold for either. 

However, the ANSI grading system doesn’t make a difference but we think commercial products are better products by far. They are heavier, use no plastic parts, and more durable all around.

Remember, to reinforce the door equipment, for example, larger screws, sturdy strike plate, and the door quality to help the lock do its job.

Door Lock Installations and Security – How to Choose the Right Lock?

how to choose the right lock

It is ideal to call a locksmith in Miami to find the right lock for installation. Locks, regardless of their grades, come in many designs including:

  • Deadbolts
  • Keyed Entry Knobs and Levers
  • Handle sets

Usually, if you have a business, use a Grade 1 lock. These locks offer high security and quality that help foil any burglar attempts. For inside doors, a business can use a Grade 2 lock. 

Homes can use Grades 1 through 3, depending on the measure of security they need. For front door lock installation, homeowners shouldn’t use grade 3 lock for security; most homes must use grades 2 and 1.

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