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Door Lever Handles vs. Door Knobs-Which is Better?

benefits of door lever handles

Choosing between door lever handles and door knobs is a decision that homeowners, architects, and designers often face. 


A Dadeland Kendall locksmith can install both options, which have unique advantages and disadvantages and can influence their suitability for different environments and users.


Door Lever Handles: Modern Ergonomics and Accessibility

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Lever door handles are praised for their ergonomic design, offering easy and comfortable access for people of all ages and abilities. This feature makes them an excellent choice for residential and commercial spaces, ensuring everyone can navigate through doors effortlessly. Lever handles are incredibly easy to use, requiring a simple downward or upward push to open the door.

Levers are particularly beneficial for the elderly or people prone to arthritis and other grip problems. For families with young children, levers might be a more practical option if the children need to open doors easily. However, if you want to prevent toddler access, consider door knobs, as they are harder for tiny hands to turn.

Regarding design, while levers are commonly seen in homes with contemporary and European architecture, traditional-style levers are also available. The trend towards lever handles is driven by factors such as an aging population, modern design preferences, and advancements in security technology.


Door Knobs: Classic Charm with Security Benefits

pros of door knobs

Door knobs have been a staple in homes for many years, offering a classic and timeless aesthetic that can complement various architectural styles. Knobs are associated with traditional or vintage designs, adding a touch of nostalgia to the space. Moreover, door knobs are generally more compact than lever handles. Therefore, making them an excellent choice for smaller spaces or rooms with limited clearance, such as closets, pantries, or bathrooms.

From a security perspective, door knobs can offer a level of protection due to their design. The cylindrical shape can be challenging for intruders to grip and turn, making unauthorized access more difficult. Additionally, door knobs are available in a wide range of designs, finishes, and materials, providing versatility in design choices.

However, door knobs also present some challenges. They may not be the best choice for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities. Turning a knob can be difficult for those with limited hand strength or dexterity. 

Furthermore, door knobs may offer limited functionality in high-traffic areas where quick and easy access is crucial. Lastly, they may not be ideal for heavy doors requiring significant force.


Are Door Knobs better than Lever Door Handles for Security?


When considering the security aspects of door knobs versus door handles, it’s important to note that door knobs can offer additional protection against forced entry. Due to their design, door knobs are generally more challenging to manipulate. Usually, burglars use tools or brute force, making a sturdy knob a more secure option in certain contexts. 

You can force down or lift lever handles more easily with simple tools like a crowbar or screwdriver. Moreover, door knobs offer more complex locking mechanism features that resist picking, bumping, or drilling, enhancing their security profile. 

Nevertheless, handles may provide more leverage for emergency egress and allow quicker exit, which is crucial during emergencies like fires or break-ins. 

Ultimately, the choice between knobs and handles may depend on the specific security needs and the context in which they are used.

However, a locksmith near me in Miami can add a deadbolt lock to a lever or doorknob for the best protection.


Conclusion: The Decision Is Personal and Practical


The choice between door knobs and lever handles is more than a matter of personal preference; it involves considerations of aesthetics, functionality, and accessibility. 


While door knobs carry a classic charm and offer security benefits, lever handles excel in accessibility and ease of use. Homeowners should consider who will use the doors most often and try to match the overall style of their home when making this decision.


Ultimately, the best choice depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Whether one values the traditional elegance of a door knob or the modern convenience of a lever handle, both options provide distinct advantages that can enhance the functionality and style of a home.


A locksmith can change or install a door knob and door lever of any kind, including electronic, smart, and traditional.

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