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Different Ways To Lock File Cabinets

different ways to lock a file cabinet

Sometimes locking filing cabinets isn’t allowed because of a situation or the cabinet doesn’t permit a quick fix. A few cabinets might not have locks either, yet you want to add one for security reasons. For instance, if you hire a party rentals Miami company to bring supplies, so you can host an event or party you’ll need to secure your cabinets first. Luckily, installing a lock to a file cabinet is a fast and straightforward method.

However, know that no lock is unbreakable, and you should store significant documents in bank vaults or burglar and fire-resistant safes. Yet, for straightforward storage and security needs, installing a lock to a file cabinet may do the trick.

Try not to stress, a locksmith in Miami can assist you with locking a file cabinet. An expert locksmith can help with services such as making a new cabinet key, replacing a broken lock, or if you want to upgrade the cabinet lock.

How do file cabinet locks work?

The expert installs the file cabinet lock inside the cabinet frame and typically, uses a kit for the installation of the lock procedure. A hole is drilled into the top of the frame directly over the file cabinet drawer, and the tumbler housing and the expert insert the lock into this.

You install the lock so the bolt will slide into the hole on the top or bottom of the file cabinet shelf depending on the design of the cabinets. When the file cabinet gets locked, the bolt slides into this hole and stops the file cabinet from being opened.

Spare Key for a File Cabinet Lock

If you don’t have the key to your file cabinet, then a locksmith can usually make spare keys in their shop or at your location. This is a cheap cut key service using the cabinet’s code or the numbers that are on the lock.

Then again, if the code isn’t in your locksmith’s system, they can hand-file a key to work the lock. This impression technique costs more than cutting a key by code.

Sometimes, for example, a single lock needs to have a key made, it’s less expensive to replace the lock. However, it also depends on the lock. When many cylinders work off the same key code, the impression of a file cabinet key is the best approach.

To save more cash, consider taking the file cabinet lock to your local locksmith shop if they don’t work mobile. If you can’t find ways to lock file cabinets ways to lock file cabinets

Can locksmiths rekey a file cabinet lock?

can locksmiths rekey a file cabinet

Usually, our customers ask if we can rekey a file cabinet lock and we say no, we often cannot.

Most cam-style locks are riveted together and not meant to be disassembled, and the service kits (either pin or wafers) are not accessible.

However, many instances do exist where we can rekey cam locks. If your locksmith Miami, FL has a pining kit for the style locks, they probably can do it. Yet, it usually costs less to replace it if it’s a standard cam lock.

A Filing Cabinet Lock Replacement

If the lock is missing, a locksmith can typically use a standard cam lock as a replacement. When a standard cam lock doesn’t work, it’s not worth replacing the file cabinet lock. Particularly if you have a cheap file cabinet. The expense of looking for the part, the part, and the labor to install the part will surpass the expense of a cheap file cabinet.

But, for old quality, fire-rated file cabinets; getting a lock replacement works best for expensive ways to lock file cabinets. Your local locksmith in Miami can order plus install the lock you require.

Regarding the lock type and the age of the file cabinet, there could be more options to lock the file cabinet that offer better security at modest prices.

Filing Cabinet Lock Installations

file cabinet lock installation in Miami
If your file cabinet doesn’t have a lock, a locksmith in Miami can help. Caraballo Liberty Locksmiths are trained experts who can install a lock on any office file cabinet without damaging the equipment or wood or metal.

We also carry many items to suit any security needs besides the right tools. Regardless of your file cabinet lock is missing, broken, or not even there to begin with, Miami Locksmiths can assist you with transforming any file cabinet into a safe for your documents.

What to do if your filing cabinet doesn’t have a lock?

There are many items available to retro-fit a file cabinet without the use of a lock. You can mount bars on the outside of metal file cabinets and secured them with a tough padlock. They come in many sizes for 1-5 drawer cabinets, and they lock all cabinet drawers simultaneously.

Although you can DIY, if you don’t have time or abilities, contact your local Miami locksmith to install the file cabinet locking bar. No matter if a lock existed or not, file cabinet locking bars offer the best security when you want to secure the entire cabinet.

You can use cam locks on all drawers

you can use cam locks on all drawers

When you need to secure every cabinet drawer independently, consider fitting cam locks into the drawer faces, which latch against the cabinet frame materials. Well, if space allows it.

Or you can place it in a little piece to catch the cam arm. Cam locks are cheap and you can order them keyed alike or not, depending on your security need.

Many cam styles exist that use combinations rather than keys if you don’t want to use a key that you can lose. Other cam locks can be used for digital cabinet locks that use codes.

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