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Types of Smart Locks for Doors

different types of smart door locks

Locksmith in West Coral Gables knows looking for your keys is still annoying so, smart locks for doors permit you to unlock via a button, an application, or by getting close to the door. Some say like opening your car using your car fob!

For many individuals, their concern over everything else in life is always protecting and keeping their families safe from criminals. So understanding how to guard your house and everything inside is the top priority. By installing smart locks, you get an ideal method of protecting your family and valuables.

Yeah, you most likely think you purchased an alarm system that works fantastic, so why do I need a lock? However, smart locks will add a layer of security to your other deterrents. For example, cameras or security systems also eliminate situations of fumbling for your keys late at night.

However, before purchasing a lock, you will need to know how they function. As a result, our locksmith will show you different kinds of locks, so continue reading:

Keypad & Combination Smart Locks

keypad and combination smart locks
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Keypad & combination smart locks ask that you introduce a pin code to unlock the doorway. These are pretty simple to install, and they allow you to set up multiple pin codes for different individuals so that you know who’s coming and going. Keypad locks use a touchscreen; nonetheless, several still possess physical controls, and to do the job, you need to press the buttons.

Additionally, many types of combination keypad smart locks for doors are available, like deadbolts that are keypad and deadbolts using a handle-set or with lever or knob. And the majority of these versions also have an optional connected attribute, which means that you can link them into other smart home equipment like Z-Wave functionality, etc.

Keyless & Wireless Smart Locks

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There is a selection of locks that also come wireless and keyless. That means that you’ve got a WIFI connection you could link your smart lock as long as you have service. Also, if you’re far away or at work, you could even remotely lock and unlock your doors.

However, one thing to remember about wireless locks would be that unless you purchase them as part of a home security package, most of them do not come with a dedicated app. If you would like to have the ability to control them with your smartphone using a house system or Alexa, you’ll also need to buy a smart home hub such as Amazon Echo or Wink.

Additionally, smart locks could connect to an Apple Home Kit using Bluetooth to communicate with all the Apple smart home systems. However, nearly all of them have their apps which usually means that you don’t need to link to them using a smart home system to make them work in your smartphone, even if it utilizes Bluetooth technology.

Fob Enabled Smart Locks for Doors

An enable smart fob lock does not need a smartphone. These work using a key-fob which you keep personally on the luggage, backpack, pocket, or purse handbag. So, when you reach the doorway, you touch the lock to open. Of course, the lock will only unlock if you’ve got the fob close by to you.

Fingerprint & Biometric Smart Locks


A fingerprint or biometric lock uses prints to work. Fingerprints are difficult to fake or change and unique in their way. The worry of losing your pin, key, and other entry types becomes obsolete, making it an excellent security choice.

A fingerprint lock operates by scanning a fingerprint then converting it to a numerical template. So when you place your finger over the lock scanner, it stores the info and gets saved using pre-saved identification values. It means that you could use it or grant access to other people, friends, family, and employees.

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