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Can a Deadbolt Lock Provide the Best Resistance to Burglary?

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A home burglary is a frightening experience for any homeowner who doesn’t have a sturdy deadbolt lock for resistance. So, what can you do to make your home less appealing to burglars? One way is with locks, and the other is with a guard dog.

However, Coral Way locksmith services recommend installing deadbolts since they provide the best protection against burglars because they are both security and deterrent. 

Deadbolts have steel bolts that extend into the door jamb and strike plates of the door frame, making it difficult for intruders to enter using force. A professional Miami Locksmith can install an exterior door deadbolt properly to make your home less attractive as a target for burglars!


Pros of a Single-Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

deadbolt lock installations

Usually, the single-cylinder deadbolt is the most common deadbolt lock you’ll find in many homes since it’s more practical, less expensive, and more convenient for everyday use. Single-cylinder deadbolt lock models include many pros, including: 


  • Affordable compared to smart locks or electronic locks
  • Efficiency
  • Easy to lock and unlock doors
  • Everyone can use it


The way a single-cylinder deadbolt uses a thumb-turn to lock or open the entryway from the inside of the home gives the convenience that homeowners desire. Combine convenience with affordability; now you know why their popularity is warranted. 

Cons of Single-Cylinder Deadbolt Locks

However, these deadbolt locks aren’t without their cons. 


  1. Single-cylinder deadbolts are less secure than double-cylinder choices. 
  2. They can permit more straightforward access to the home from intruders if the door has glass near the handle. 
  3. Also, they’re simple for children to use, so they can go outside without anyone noticing. 

Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock 

deadbolt locks offer more protection

You can install double-cylinder deadbolt locks on the exterior and interior. The critical difference between a single-cylinder and a double-cylinder deadbolt lock is that there is no twist knob, but both sides have a key cylinder.

Therefore, it’s the most secure deadbolt lock because it requires a key to operate on both sides of the entryway. The benefit is that if the glass is in or close to your door, it negates an intruder break-in. The intruder can’t reach in and use the twist knob to open the entryway since it needs a key. 

Cons of Double-Cylinder Deadbolt Locks


Nonetheless, the double-cylinder deadbolt lock security isn’t without its cons.

While keeping small children inside is beneficial, the need to use a key to leave home could be an enormous risk in an emergency. For instance, running out of the home during a fire could be complicated when finding a key to open the entryway.

Furthermore, your home could be challenging to access for emergencies like fire or police department if you can’t open the door. 


Keyless Deadbolt Locks

keyless access card system

You can install a keyless deadbolt lock without worrying about losing keys. The manufacturers make keyless locks of materials that are resistant to corrosion. The keyless deadbolt lock is an upgrade from a traditional pin tumbler lock.


There are many different electronic and manual opener designs, so select the right one. For example, a standard lock features a keyhole, while more advanced models feature an electronic opening mechanism like a card reader.


When buying this type of deadbolt lock, consider getting one with remote access and Bluetooth. But you can buy one with a physical key for emergencies. The other benefit of a keyless lock is it comes with weather resistance qualities (so if there are harsh conditions outside, the door won’t affect it).


How to use Deadbolt Lock Choices in your Home?


Luckily, you have many options to install locks throughout your home, so you can efficiently have the best deadbolt locks.


For example, you can have a single-cylinder deadbolt for your front door and a double-cylinder on your glass storefront. Plus, then use an electronic lock on the back door. 

When installing a new deadbolt lock replacement, ask a locksmith near me which type is best suited for specific parts of your home and whether it makes sense to install more than one lock.

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  1. Learning about deadbolt locks and how double-cylinder systems are perfect for our home was quite helpful. I can definitely see how this will be a good idea for us to try and get for our home as an upgrade since we may need some security against break-ins. To manage that, I’ll ask a locksmith from the area to replace our old locks with better models.

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