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Do Deadbolt Door Locks doors offer the best Home Protection?

Deadbolt door lock on a security door


Front deadbolt door locks have been the reliable choice to protect people from burglar attacks and common crimes throughout recent years. They don’t appear to be going anywhere, even with smart technology and other modern equipment. Deadbolt locks are not like spring bolt locks since the operator can move their deadbolt lock bolts with keys or knobs. Plus, they don’t need springs to work.

If you want a security measurement that works right for your home, consider buying deadbolt locks for your exterior doors. These locks can offer solid protection from intruders and thieves. Deadbolt locks can prevent burglary since some high-security locks bring anti-pick and anti-bump features. Therefore, Coconut Grove locksmiths recommend these locks since they can enhance your serenity while you sleep or away.


Deadbolt Door Locks Offer Great Security


The deadbolt door lock has a bolt that activates with a key or thumb turn. It offers great security since it isn’t spring-loaded and can’t be “jimmied” opened with a knife or credit card. Hence, consider installing deadbolt locks on strong wood, steel, or fiberglass entryways. These doors resist forced entry better since these materials can withstand kicks and drilling very well.

Hollow-core doors can’t withstand kicks or hammer attacks, so use these doors only in the interior. Installing a deadbolt lock on a hollow core door compromises these locks’ security and, yes, the home too.


The Pros of Deadbolts

deadbolt lock installations

Deadbolt locks can make superb home security improvements for any home. These locks offer people many pros I will discuss below:


  • Deadbolt locks have many locking techniques that offer high security from force entry attacks.
  • Better strength and materials.
  • If you have a deadbolt lock on a sturdy door, then getting into your property can take a long time.
  • Burglars will have a tough time key bumping or lock picking a high-security grade 1 lock.
  • Intruders who need to get in and out of homes quickly avoid homes that have deadbolts.
  • Deadbolt locks do not use spring systems.
  • Burglars use crowbars or knives to overwhelm spring-loaded locks; thus, deadbolt locks eliminate these techniques to enter homes.


Choices in Deadbolt Locks


There are many types of deadbolts, but the single-cylinder deadbolt with an interior twist knob to open and close and needs a key on the outside is the most common.

  1. double-cylinder deadbolt also offers greater security, as it requires a special key to open/close the deadbolt from both inside and outside the entryway. Locksmith near you recommend these double-cylinder deadbolts on exterior doors with glass or windows. These deadbolt locks eliminate the danger of a burglar breaking the glass to reach inside to turn the thumb-turn.
  2. However, for safety, consider using single-cylinder deadbolts for normal cases. Since you need a key to open a double-cylinder lock from the inside, it can prevent you from escaping a fire or a home invasion.

Back then, the factor to consider while picking the double-cylinder deadbolt lock was the glass strength. The traditional single-pane glass used in doors was not difficult to break, representing a greater danger for single-cylinder deadbolts. Yet, the glass in modern doors is stronger today.

Most Noth Miami, FL locksmiths recommend using the single-cylinder lock for sturdy exterior doors with no glass. If you like a single-cylinder on a door with glass, think about reinforcing the glass or putting a smaller window so burglars cannot reach in and open the knob.


Deadbolt Door Locks are Difficult to Pick

Medeco Maxum Deadbolt - Grade 1
Maxum High Security Deadbolt Lock

Burglars can easily pick a few Tumbler locks using a few straightforward tools. Tumbler locks won’t protect your family and valuables like deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks, with their long, hardened steel bolts, are more difficult to pick.

When the locksmith secures the lock correctly, with the bolt extended into the doorframe hole with a metal strike place, it is almost impossible for the normal criminal to break through the door.

Many deadbolt locks come with higher security features like anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill, and you can find them in smart lock variations for modern owners.


Deadbolt Lock Enhancements

Caraballo door locks

If you purchased a door lock, you could make it much more trustworthy and effective against intruders. You can reinforce your Grade 1 deadbolt lock by using longer set screws. You can do likewise with longer latch bolts. A few people also install a Grade 2 deadbolt by their grade 1, usually a lever or handle lock.

Combining locks can regularly make deadbolt locks more difficult to bypass. Owners who own Grade 3 deadbolts should know that these locks aren’t an upgrade to normal locks.


The Conclusion


Among the alternatives for improving home security, many people like the idea of installing an alarm system or getting big guard dogs. However, Coral Way locksmiths believe that the first line of protection is typically a high-security deadbolt lock.

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