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Creative Places to Hide a Spare Key

creative places to hide a spare key

It’s always a smart idea to have creative places to hide a spare key to keep away from a home Little Havana locksmith call. While hiding a key close to your home can represent a serious security danger, it can likewise assist you with gaining entry into your home should you lose your main key. It also can save you from a cheap locksmith service call.

However, an extra key won’t help if you can’t use it. Plus, hiding it somewhere too easy to guess – like under a plant, mat, or fake rock -is as bad as leaving your entryways opened. Also, avoid putting away the extra key too close to the front door of the house. And all the common spots where individuals conceal spare keys like the mailbox.

All that’s needed is a little creativity and the time to find perfect concealing spots for spare keys around your home. The following tips below are spots you can use for inspiration for hiding your extra key.

Fake sprinkler

fake sprinkler

People have played out the fake rock hide-a-key. However, a fake sprinkler isn’t as noticeable. Bury it in the ground, leaving only the top uncovered, and it would appear like the real thing. It works even better if you frequently turn your real sprinkler on to water your lawn. It’s both a cheap and unnoticeable way to hide an extra key. If you don’t turn on your sprinklers, then the device would look out of place or strange. Often the people who break-in into homes are nearby resident or a driver that lives close by.

Inside a Rain Gutter

Look around the house for an accessible rain gutter. A decent one directs water away from the house. It must be a closed gutter and slanted so that water only streams along the bottom part of the drain. Put the key within the gutter, at the top part where water can’t corrode the key. To attach the key, purchase a sturdy Velcro strip that can connect to rough surfaces. Attach the key to the top part of the Velcro strip and afterward stick it inside the drain.

On Your Dog’s Collar

on your dog's collar

Yes, have your dog assist you with finding a safe spot for your home keys. A huge angry dog that barks at everyone is ideal for this. Conceal the key in a pocket inside your dog’s collar. The criminal won’t think to look there, and if he/she does, then an angry canine will bite their hands off.

Store a key in your neighbor property

For additional security, store your extra key at your neighbor’s outside property, but only if you trust your neighbor. If someone located the key, they wouldn’t think it goes to the house next door.

To make it more difficult, try concealing a key a couple of houses down the road. Make sure you’re not trespassing, have permission, and can remember where you stash the key. You don’t want to stress if someone finds it and knows where to use it.

Magnetic hide-a-key

Magnetic hide-a-keys are common, which means they’re not the most secure concealing spot for an extra key. However, if your car is not at home, that means your extra key isn’t either. It’s smart to secure the cover with black tape, so your key doesn’t fly out while driving down the street.

A hitch lockbox works the same as a magnetic box. It only works if your vehicle has a hitch receiver. However, it’s more secure as it locks the content, including spare keys, behind a four-digit combination.



When trying to find creative places to hide a spare key, avoid hiding places like under the doormat; furthermore, if you find your spot for the extra key, avoid keeping it stored in the same spot for too long. Change concealing spots periodically so no one, including nosey neighbors, sees the pattern.

If you have a habit of losing your keys, consider upgrading to a password-operated electronic deadbolt or a smart lock, which you can open with your smartphone. This would remove the requirement for storing an extra key. If you do need a key replacement service, please call Caraballo Liberty Locksmith.

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