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Cost to Replace Lost Car Keys

Auto locksmith car key replacement services

It can be expensive the cost to replace lost car keys for most modern vehicles since a few dealerships charge exorbitantly to replace a key. However, the price isn’t from cutting the vehicle key, which costs a few dollars, time, and parts.

So, the costs are high for programming the electronic chip in your vehicle’s key. If the locksmith near me cuts the key without the programming for the chip, it won’t work 100 percent correctly. You can place it in the starter and turn the vehicle key, yet the motor won’t turn over. 

A better option is to purchase your replacement vehicle keys from a car locksmith near me. They’ll do the same work as the dealer but will only charge half the cost to replace your key. Remember, the whole point is ensuring the chip inside the key is programmed correctly. Ensure you test your key a few times before the car locksmith leaves, but many will try it for you. 

Call the locksmith if you have any issues opening the entryway or starting the vehicle. If the car doesn’t start, it might mean a problem with the programming or even cutting the key. Therefore, always test it once or twice before the expert locksmith leaves. 

When you purchase replacement keys for your vehicle, it resembles shopping around. First, call around and get car key costs and services from different locksmiths. Then, track down the best price from the most reliable locksmith company, and you will end up with a replacement vehicle key at an affordable cost. 


Now let’s find out what key you have to know how much the auto locksmith service will be.


How Much Does Car Key Replacement Cost?


Regular Key- The standard vehicle key has been around for a long time, and people still use it in numerous vehicles. If you have a spare key, getting a replacement made at your nearby hardware store is affordable and straightforward – under $10. 


If you have your original keys, an auto locksmith can still make a spare key after giving the model and year and demonstrating vehicle ownership. The mobile car locksmith may even come to your location and make it for you on-site. 

Transponder Key Replacement and Programming Cost

transponder keys

This key includes a security chip on top of the metal shank. The chip produces a sign to the vehicle’s starter and door lock. It permits the vehicle door to open and allows the driver to drive the car. 


According to PMC, the average transponder key replacement cost range from $125 to $225, but locksmiths charge about 20% less. But, if you own a laser-cut key with a marginally thicker shank and less serrated edges – you’ll pay more. 


Key Fob (Remote Keyless Entry)

replace key fob


Fob allows drivers to lock and open a vehicle door with a button. Plus, the metal shank can turn the starter. Car key fob replacement costs can range from $50 to $100. When you lose the car key fob but have the metal key, you can still get into your vehicle and start it. 


Switchblade Key


The switchblade key’s metal shank folds into a plastic holder. The metal key pops out when the car owner pushes the plastic holder’s button. 

Switchblade keys usually include a fob for locking and opening the doors with the press of a button. Replacement switchblade keys can cost $150 to $350. 


Smart Key Fob 

cost to replace lost smart car keys

A smart key fob can stay in your pocket while you open and start the vehicle. These keys bring an electronic code, and once the key verifies the code, drivers can open doors or ignite the car. Smart keys don’t have the traditional metal key shank. 

Instead, their proximity to the vehicle lets you press a button inside to start the car. However, if you lose a smart key, get ready to pay a significant price.

The cost of a smart replacement car key can range from $220 to $500, depending on the vehicle’s make. Getting a smart replacement key might be difficult without a spare set. Oddly, you’ll need to tow the car to the dealer and show proof of ownership. 

If the dealer has the key in stock, the dealer should combine the new key with your vehicle. But if they order the key, get ready to wait a few days before you can get your car back.

Cost to Replace Lost Car Keys Process

cost to replace lost car keys process

First, ensure to call a reliable locksmith near you. The expert car locksmith can reprogram the locking system to prevent the old lost keys from working again. Often, the locksmith can reconfigure the car door locks and ignition too.

You will need some information to make the lost car key replacement process smoother for the locksmith to help you get back on the road. Before the car locksmith can start, you will need to provide:


  • Vehicle make and model
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Personal identification
  • Your current location

If you lost the car keys in a dark area, contact a friend or family member until a mobile locksmith arrives. 


Why does a Locksmith Need the above Information to Make a Car Key Replacement?


Usually, it is technical so that the expert can reprogram a car key. However, the car locksmith must also ensure you are the vehicle owner.

Imagine if locksmiths didn’t verify ownership. Then anyone would only call a locksmith to get into any car and drive away.


Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key Without The Original?


Many expert local mobile locksmiths have the tools and technology to cut and program a car key without the original. You don’t have to have the key code when you call the locksmith – all you need is the lost car key replacement process information to create a new key.


Quick tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

car key replacement services

People lose car keys frequently; it means scrambling until you find them a few moments later. It also means experiencing a car lockout late at night since you lost the keys and didn’t have a spare key available. 

Many terrible things may come from a lockout situation, including time lost from work, missed appointments, tardiness at school, and paying for car key replacement services. Moreover, the issue can turn even more horrible since replacing some cars’ lost keys can be costly. 

You should find ways to keep track of your keys to avoid car lockout situations. Here are some ways to avoid losing your vehicle keys: 


Purchase Spare Car Keys 


First, I know the goal is to avoid losing your keys but consider buying a spare car key from a car key replacement service. It will solve your lost vehicle key situation no matter the circumstances. You can hide it in your pocket, coat, or backpack.

Or provide a spare key to a friend or family member and call them during an emergency. Remember to put the spare key back whenever you finish using it. Use the spare key for the crisis and then return it. 


Use Key Hook or Tray 


Sometimes, even putting the keys in the same spot can mean a lost key for many reasons. For example, the keys can fall behind a shelf, slip inside the sofa, or your children could have picked them up to play.

You can lower the risk of losing them by putting them on a car key hook or tray on a higher shelf or a high wall. Then, the car keys will not fall, and the children will not find them. 


Chain Car Keys to Something Significant


You can’t drive without your license, and you won’t get far without your wallet. So, knowing these things are significant makes you less likely to lose them.

Also, they’re much more significant than your keys and less likely to get lost. So chaining your keys to these things can lower the risk that you’ll lose your keys altogether. 


Use Technology and Put a Tracker on The Car Keys


Technology can be the answer to your lost car key issues. Many individuals have ended up in lousy situations late at night after losing their car keys, and the marketplace has found ways to find them.

For example, some keychains beep and alert you of your key’s location, and others have GPS trackers that can tell you the location of the keys in an application. 

Thanks for reading the cost to replace lost car keys; please contact Caraballo Liberty Locksmith today for a car key replacement near me!


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  1. I appreciate it when you explained that some penis of information would be needed regarding a lost vehicle key replacement so that the locksmith will be able to make them for us successfully. What I have left is a photo of it which I took ever since I got my car back in 2021. Hopefully, it is enough for a locksmith to figure out how to create the exact copy of it now that the original one I had has snapped which means that it is already broken.

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