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Cost for a Locksmith to Rekey Locks Plus More

cost to rekey door locks

Why should homeowners and business owners know the cost to rekey locks for? Well, because rekeying your locks results in a cheaper service than replacing locks. To do this, the locksmith removes the lock from the door, disassembles it, and a professional Kendall locksmith replaces the pins. 

The pins are the mechanism required to unlock a lock. The keys are often designed to match the pattern of those pins to open the door. People sometimes confuse replacement locks and rekeying. Rekeying removes the old pins with new ones, but replacements mean changing the lock device. 

A trustworthy locksmith can offer residential and commercial rekeying services.

Cost to Rekey Door Locks

rekeying cost services

Rekeying locks is a quick and inexpensive alternative that typically takes 15-20 minutes. According to Angie, the cost to rekey a lock starts at $80 to $150.


Lock Replacement vs. Rekeying


Rekeying the current lock hardware or replacing hardware are your two choices. Rekeying locks is more affordable but only works for devices that function well and is the best option if you’re concerned that someone has a key to your home or office. Moreover, rekeying can function as a master key that opens all your business’s locks.

Changing current locks is a better choice for business owners wishing to boost security. By replacing the lock entirely, you can choose a new one with different options for size, color, brand, design, and, most importantly, security features. In addition, it is possible to upgrade to a deadbolt with an electronic keypad.

A locksmith in Miami, Florida, 305 area, can assist you in selecting the best lock solutions for your property so that you may meet all of your functional and security requirements. If you prefer, a locksmith can also ensure that all commercial locks are keyed to the same key. This option is usually not available when purchasing locks from hardware stores.

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Top Benefits of Rekeying Door Locks


Rekeying’s primary benefit is increased security, negating ex-employees or spouses who don’t want to have a spare key. In addition, rekeying locks is quicker and less expensive than changing every lock in your house, office, or building.

So, rekeying is a more affordable choice than replacing multiple locks. Additionally, it takes a lot less time than replacing all the locks with new ones.

Once the expert locksmith rekeys the locks, you can decide who to give a new key. In addition, you could use the same key for various locks. As a result, you can speed up your daily tasks by reducing the number of keys you carry.


When can Locks not be Rekeyed?


Rekeying is not a solution if the lock is damaged or old since the lock will never be completely secure. A better choice is to replace the lock.

If you’d want to do away with keys entirely, don’t consider rekeying door locks. Instead, think about upgrading to a lock that is better suited to your way of life.

To enter your building, you can choose a keyless entry lock that functions with a PIN or biometrics. Thus, you can limit access by updating the PIN or creating new codes. You don’t have to worry about losing keys anymore.

Why You Need to Re-key Locks in Your New Home?

Re-keying locks in a new home ensures personal security and peace of mind. When you move into a new property, there must be a way to know how many spare keys exist or who might have them. The previous homeowners may have distributed copies to friends, family, or service providers, posing a potential security risk. 

Re-keying allows you to reset the lock mechanism, which works only with new keys you possess. This process is more cost-effective than replacing the entire lock hardware and updating worn-out locks, maintaining the integrity of your home’s security. It’s a simple yet effective way to safeguard against unauthorized access and maintain control over who can enter your home.

How Frequently Should a Locksmith Company Rekey Your Locks?


Several locks are on home and office doors, filing cabinets, and other items in an office building. Many workers and home contractors use a key to open the lock frequently. 


It is impossible to change the locks whenever a family member loses one or for offices when an employee with access to keys gets fired. The cost to rekey locks can be affordable if done once or twice a year. However, it is costly and ineffective, especially for larger businesses, when done every time an employee quits.


Locksmith Services Can Reduce the Cost to Rekey Locks

commercial locksmith services rekeying

What is the best alternative option for your home or business? If you don’t know, contact an expert locksmith. Don’t try to do DIY rekey; you can damage the lock and open your home or business to burglary. 

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  1. I find it surprising that you can consult a locksmith for rekeying services and improve the security of your space. My colleague is interested in moving out of her home and living closer to the city. I should talk to her about finding a reputable locksmith for this as a form of investment.

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