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Consider these 4 Tips before Changing Door Locks on the New Home

changing door locks

Changing door locks on your new home is straightforward, right, or is it more complicated now than before? Because of this, consider hiring a locksmith in Miami to replace your locks to protect your safety. A new house brings happiness, but security issues can spiral out of control if you don’t deal with them. 

Can you imagine buying your home, and a month later, someone burglarized it because you didn’t change the cheap lock? Or someone entered the house without breaking the door since you didn’t rekey the lock. I’m not trying to scare you, but you should feel safe at home. Consider changing the door locks on your new home or rekeying them as a precaution against burglary.


Let’s read some tips below before doing anything first:


Cost of Deadbolt Door Lock Installation

deadbolt lock installations

You recently made a significant investment when you bought a new home. While protecting your new house, you don’t want to be cheap; you also don’t want to overspend. The door lock hardware price, the labor involved in installing the lock, and the number of new locks required for the home all impact how much it costs to change them.


Contact Caraballo Liberty Locksmith for the most affordable rates and information on labor costs if you require expert assistance with a new home lock replacement.  Depending on the components and technology utilized in the lock, the price of the locks will vary greatly. For example, it’s cheaper to install a traditional lock than an electronic one. But keep in mind that higher lock costs equal higher security.


Don’t Install the Wrong Lock on a Door


Ensure you use the right locks across all doors when changing the locks on a new residence. For example, you require a double-sided lock if an outside door has glass or is situated next to a window so a burglar can’t use the thumb turn after breaking the glass.


A door used as an emergency exit should never have a double-sided deadbolt placed on it. Instead, you must have a thumb-turn deadbolt on at least one external door to leave the house without a key if you experience an emergency like a fire. Also, don’t install a fingerprint door lock on an exit door.


Don’t Invest in High-security door locks without Improving other Security


The cost of changing the locks on a new property will quickly rise if you purchase high-security locks. High-security locks provide improved drill resistance, lock pick protection, and keys that cannot be copied without specialized tools and key blanks.


The best high-security locks are expensive, yet regular criminals cannot open them. However, changing the locks on new homes will only partially increase your security. Moreover, consider installing larger set screws and protect your windows and doors with more robust locks.


To Rekey or Not to Replace a Lock is the Question

rekey or change door locks

You can rekey locks if you want to maintain them for aesthetics, but you can only open a rekeyed lock with a new key. Again, though, only functioning locks can be rekeyed. Cost and security are the most critical differences between rekeying and replacing locks.


Rekeying a lock will be less expensive than changing door locks. You won’t need to be concerned about someone using an outdated key to open your doors in terms of security. However, you’ll only have access to the lock’s original level of protection.

A high-security lock will offer a higher level of security than having your locks rekeyed by a locksmith, who can also install security pins to make the lock more resistant to picking and drilling.

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