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Commercial Locksmith Service Tips for a Burglarized Office

commercial locksmith service tips for a burglarized office

Commercial locksmith services can help business owners get back on their feet after a burglary. For an average burglar, an office break-in is a more rewarding mark than the normal household. These mean commercial businesses must be watchful, protecting their property, for instance, having ANSI door deadbolt locks on exterior doors and a decent security system. However, dealing with a business burglary is a little different than a home burglary. 

For a small company, the impacts of a break-in can devastate and range from property damages to loss of product, cash and classified information and archives. Also, there’s a feeling of vulnerability many individuals experience after a burglary. But, it’s critical to know there are a few things you can do to retaliate. 

Locksmith Miami experts can help businesses upgrade their office security and that in a sense will assist recover the feeling of control and better secure your valuables and property way sooner. Let’s look at a few tips and countermeasures to consider: 

Commercial locksmith services will need to survey the damages

commercial locksmith services will need to survey the damage

We can start by inspecting the damage done to your office and deal with fixes as quickly as possible. Usually, you can’t wait on repairs on an essential access point, for example, broken windows, hollow rooftop space and a kicked back door. 

This is an important issue, as a damaged door, frames, and locks can leave your property exposed to future attacks. Remember, there are a few signs which show someone has tampered a lock with is difficult to spot by a novice who is not an expert, so consider using the services of an authorized locksmith. 

A specialist will recommend necessary fixes and change locks if needed. If the burglar lock-picked your locks or bumped, don’t expect to keep the same locks, consider upgrading to better sturdy deadbolt locks

Fixing windows after a burglary

Typically, a common way a burglar breaks into a property is smashing the windows. When that situation occurs and you have broken windows, consider addressing this issue right away. 

Or, you could risk being targeted again by the same or another burglar who will exploit the fact your property is defenseless. Never think you can’t be the victim of a break-in twice, particularly for an office with a lot of computers or expensive things to steal. 

Therefore, board the windows with plywood to protect your property until you can make definite repairs.

Hire commercial locksmith services to fix or upgrade your door and window locks

hire commercial locksmith services to fix or upgrade your door and windows

Most burglar’s target doors and windows, so if the burglary happens through doors or windows then consider fortifying these points first. There are different commercial door locks that business owners can use to increase their security. I know most people want to save cash, but don’t hold back when you purchase commercial door locks. 

If you experience a break-in and your locks were destroyed then don’t skimp on your exterior doors because burglars can attack again. The expense of door lock costs regularly reflect their security level, so spend your money. However, not only doors need upgrades but also windows too. 

Install commercial-grade security locks on first-floor windows and easy to access 2nd story windows. Plus, don’t leave ladders outside but if you do, then lock it with a significant padlock and chain. When your windows don’t have locks, install window security film that keeps burglars from breaking the window. If you do not understand what I’m talking about, consider hiring reliable commercial locksmith services.

Consider implementing your office security in layers

Probably the most ideal approach to overcome the lasting effects of a burglary is to upgrade the overall security of the office. 

Most commercial properties have essential security features set up to prevent unapproved entry, for example, excellent locks or cameras. 

But, to lower the odds of another break-in, I recommend having more deterrents layered in place. 

A layered defense works by having a few types of security measures set up, when combined, can convey a higher level of protection. Here are a couple of examples of layers: 

  • CCTV systems or wireless cameras, and security alarm (pick a combination).
  • Having locks on all the doors including interior doors that you store essential goods and documents. 
  • Securing all valuables in the safe or taking uncommon time trips to the bank.
  • You can have security measures set up which address the interior risk too, (for example, when you move money). Also, ask your workers to help with business security. Give security training that teaches them to be watchful and observe any irregular action and where to report it. 

Recognizing weak links in your armor

recognizing weak links in your armor

After the shock of burglary has gone away, it’s an ideal opportunity to investigate why the security measures you had set up failed. For example, did the door or the lock failed? Or, the alarm didn’t make a sound or you couldn’t see the burglar on your cameras because of bad visibility. After, implement your future office solutions that will enhance the security. 

It’s not simple to recognize the signs or know what you’re searching for. However, if you’re not sure, it could be a smart idea to call an expert locksmith Miami who can help you out and recommend the best solutions.

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  1. A few weeks ago an acquaintance reached out to me and as we were catching up she happened to mention that she is looking for a commercial locksmith. When I inquired about it she explained that her husband purchased a commercial building in their town and they would like to upgrade the security locks and systems. I enjoyed that you said that you should also have locks on all the doors, even inside, where you are storing documents and important things.

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