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Commercial Door Lock Repair or Replacement

commercial door lock repair

Afraid of burglary or crimes, hire commercial door lock repair experts to ensure your business security is of quality. Owners often consider window locks and security cameras as their first options to heighten security. However, they neglect their door locks forgetting that most crimes occur through the back or front doors.


So, do you have commercial door locks that need attention, or have you been a victim of forced entry techniques criminals use to enter properties? For example, hammer attacks, kicks, or silent killers like lock-picking or key bumping. 


Sometimes nothing like that ever occurs, but the lack of door lock maintenance can put you and your employees at the mercy of criminals and high service charges. In addition, you will need a lot of cash for repairs or to buy lock replacements if you have multiple business locks.


If you don’t know when you need to repair or hire a Miami locksmith to replace your door locks, read the quick guide below:


Commercial Door Lock Repair

locksmith door lock repair

Commercial door lock repair involves restoring a broken lock to full operation without buying a new lock. Often, changing a few internal parts or using a door lock lubricant could solve the problem quickly.


Debris or rust that results in lock issues can be flushed out with some lubrication. Clean the lock to eliminate a future door lock repair service charge. You must have access to the replacement parts to replace small broken interior pieces.


You can avoid replacing a mortise lock because the lock is modular; you can easily swap out latches, springs, etc., as well as the cylinder.


Cost and convenience are the most important considerations when selecting whether to repair or replace a lock. For example, replacement high-security door locks for your company may cost several hundred dollars and require master key services (which also have high cost and creates inconvenience).


Replacement Commercial Door Locks

commercial door lock replacement

Proper door lock maintenance is regarded as a repair unless done all at once to address a specific issue. A commercial lock replacement involves replacing the entire lock. The procedure is simple for a commercial locksmith near me.


You remove the current lock, but it may require the door to be opened first. If you need an expert with skills, consider calling a commercial locksmith for the best results.


Installing the new lock is necessary to ensure that it will function properly and won’t break or compromise your security. 


You can remove any uncertainty if you replace a broken lock with one of the same style and brand. Yes, door lock replacement gives you peace of mind. However, it also prevents you from improving your security since it’s the same lock. But, it is a good trade-off if you are satisfied with the security and physical access control you have in place with your old lock.


To Repair or Replace a Commercial Door Lock, Call a Locksmith


The best solution to keep your building security high and safe is to call a mobile commercial locksmith service that can visit your building or office and fix or repair locks. 


These experts have the skills and know-how to recommend the best quality commercial locks for replacement, or they can quickly fix them too.


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