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How to Choose a Pick Resistant Lock and Bump Proof Locks?

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There is always a need in the locksmith industry to keep adapting, which is true when choosing a pick resistant lock and bump-proof lock.

Locks have been around for many years, more specifically, since ancient Egypt. However, with technological advancement and the growing need for security, manufacturers have invented different locks; some are more secure than others.

Buying a lock is very delicate, as you are putting your and your family’s safety on a piece of metal. Selecting a poor security lock can put you through many awful situations and even make you call an emergency Miami locksmith to reverse the damage caused to your doors and property.

With so many options on the market, Locksmith in Miami will provide you with useful options to choose a highly secure lock that is pick-proof and bump-resistant. To avoid security concerns at your residence or business, consider a lock with pick proof and bump-proof features.

What is Pick Proof and Bump-resistant?

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Pick-resistant and bump-proof locks can prevent bumping and lock-picking attacks. Burglars use bumping attack since it is a technique in which a uniquely cut key is inserted into the lock’s keyhole, forcing the lock’s pins to jump to create the shear line and rotate the core to open the lock.

Lock picking is a technique professional locksmiths use to open doors, but sadly, thieves use it to crack open locks without keys. Some refer to lock picking as “an art” as it involves some methods and tools (such as torsion wrenches, hook picks, pick tools, etc.), and it requires a handful of skills to open a lock and gain access to a property.

So, knowing all this, how do we choose a resistant or bump-proof lock?

Get a Keyless Lock

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Security professionals know that anything put on with tools can be taken off using the same tools. However, electronic locks are immune to picking and lock bumping attacks, as most do not use a key.

Electronic locks have different designs and styles. Early electronic locks used keypads with a PIN for entry. Though keypads are still popular, touchscreen panels have replaced the latter ones, including other security features that prevent code hacking.

Bluetooth-enabled locks work with the smartphone’s Bluetooth ID. These locks also have another electronic entry in case the phone’s battery dies.

The last type of lock is the biometric entry lock, which uses fingerprint identification and other biometrical recognition to open a lock.

Some of the best electronic locks in the market are:

1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

2. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

4. The Schlage BE375 Electronic Deadbolt Lock ($99).

5. The Kaba Mas CDX-10 ($1,700) is used by the federal government.



An Effective Option is to Buy a Pick-resistant Lock

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If electronic locks are out of your budget, you can always choose pick-resistant locks. The difference between other lock and pick-resistant locks is that they have extra tumblers or locking devices that make them harder to manipulate with tools and are key-bumping resistant.

One of the most popular pick-resistant lock manufacturers is the Medeco, followed by Mul-T-Lock and the famous Schlage Primus. Yes, this lock uses a second set of pins, meaning that the key needs to do the job of two keys, which makes it impossible for a key bump to crack this one open.

High-security Locks

These locks have a keyhole but use special keys with complex shapes and angles that bump keys and standard blanks cannot duplicate. They also have additional features, such as sidebars, pins within pins, rotating pins, or interactive elements, making picking difficult or, for amateurs, almost impossible.

Some examples of high-security locks are

Get a Door Lock with an Uncommon Keyway

A bunch of keys

Although we do not recommend this as the only security measure to secure your home, having a unique keyway is one way to prevent key bumping.

Bump keys must have the same keyway as the lock to work. However, most bump keys don’t have unique key cuts compatible with uncommon keyways.

These locks have a keyhole, but they use a unique shape that is not widely available or compatible with standard bump keys or blanks. This makes it less likely that a burglar will have the right keyway to bump or pick the lock.

Some cheap examples of uncommon keyway locks are:

Medeco Lock

Medeco Maxum Deadbolt - Grade 1

An extraordinary pick-resistant lock is the Medeco Maxum High-Security Deadbolts. This lock uses high-quality materials such as stainless steel to stop most forced entry attacks. Also, it uses restricted keyways that limit unapproved keys’ danger. The Medeco lock works like other door locks — insert and turn the key.

However, Medeco battles lock-picking attacks by using a combination of specialty pins.  A few of these specialty pins are cut at different angles to make lockpicking more difficult. An expert locksmith can pick a Medeco lock; however, it is still difficult. So, amateur burglars or average Joe would need time and patience to bypass this lock.

Smart Locks

You can control a smart lock with your smartphone or another device, like a fob. Often, smart locks don’t have a key cylinder to insert a key. But a few bring one for an emergency, like a dead battery. Smart locks cost more than traditional locks. Yet, intruders cannot bump or lockpick these locks because they have no key cylinder.

You can program in various access codes or connect multiple devices for loved ones. Nonetheless, an issue to consider is that someone can hack these locks, so understand their pros and cons before buying a smart lock.

Bowley Pick Resistant Locks

An excellent pick-proof lock, for example, the Bowley deadbolt, is made from strong metal, so it’s resistant to forced entry techniques (hammers, drills, saws, and kicks). In addition, the internal mechanism of this lock uses security pins, just as warding, making the Bowley practically bump-proof and pick-proof door lock.

The Bowley lock combines security pins and tumbler locks with one large ward. This design blocks any attempt at bypassing the lock through lock picking.

Exploring the warding in this lock before engaging in the pin and tumbler part implies you need to insert the key, turn it around, insert it more so the key can engage in the pins, and then turn it around again. So, yes, it requires significant time, which could limit you during an emergency or when in a hurry. Nonetheless, it’s just a small price to purchase a high-security lock.

4 Best Deadbolt Door Locks that Cannot be Opened


The best deadbolt locks provide extra security and protection for your home or office. They are usually more resistant to picking, drilling, or bumping than standard locks. However, some deadbolt locks are even more advanced and offer features that make them virtually impossible to open without the right key. Here are four examples of such locks:


  • The Medeco Maxum 11*603 is a high-security deadbolt lock that uses angled cuts and rotating pins to prevent lock picking and bumping. It also has a hardened steel insert that protects against drilling. The key is patented and can only be duplicated by authorized dealers.


  • The Schlage B60N is a single-cylinder deadbolt lock with a Grade 1 rating from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), meaning it can withstand 10 strikes of 75 pounds of force. It also has a snap-and-stay design that makes it easy to install and a free-spinning cylinder that resists wrenching attacks.


  • The Abloy Protec2 is a disc-detainer deadbolt lock that uses rotating discs instead of pins to operate the lock. This makes it extremely difficult to pick or manipulate with tools. The key has a unique shape and code that can only be cut by Abloy authorized dealers.


  • The Mul-T-Lock Hercular is a double-cylinder deadbolt lock with a Grade 1 rating from ANSI and a UL 437 listing, meaning it can resist physical attacks such as drilling, prying, or hammering. It also has a telescopic pin tumbler mechanism that adds another layer of security and a key control card that prevents unauthorized duplication.

What Features to Look for When Buying Bump-proof and Pick Resistant Locks?


When buying bump-proof locks and pick-resistant locks, you should look for the following features:

  • Durability: You want a lock made of sturdy materials, such as metal or steel, that can withstand physical attacks, such as drilling, hammering, or prying. You should also look for a lock with an ANSI grade rating, indicating its security and durability. ANSI grade 1 is the highest rating, followed by grade 2 and grade 3.


  • Convenience: You want a lock that is easy to use and install without compromising security. You should also consider your preferences and needs when choosing between mechanical or electronic locks. Mechanical locks are more reliable and require less maintenance but can be lost or copied. Electronic locks are more convenient and offer more features, such as remote access or audit trails, but they can run out of battery or malfunction.


  • Warranty: You want a lock with a warranty that covers defects or damages for a reasonable period. You should also check the terms and conditions of the warranty, such as what it covers, what it excludes, and how to claim it.

How Much do Bump-proof Locks and Pick-resistant Locks Cost?

The cost of bump-proof locks and pick-resistant locks depends on several factors, such as the type, brand, quality, features, installation, and maintenance of the lock. Generally speaking, bump-proof and pick-resistant locks can range from $20 to $1,500.

Buying an uncommon keyway lock with a simple design and installation is the cheapest option. However, these locks may not offer the highest level of security or durability. Buying a keyless lock with a complex design and installation is the most expensive option. However, these locks may offer the highest level of convenience and features.

The average cost of a high-security lock is around $100 to $200. This can get you a high-security lock with a good balance of security and convenience.

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith

An expert locksmith can pick all locks, but by upgrading to a high-security door lock that’s more difficult to bypass, you ensure that an intruder can’t pass through easily.

Do you have a weak or obsolete lock vulnerable to lock picking and lock bumping techniques? Consider contacting the Caraballo Liberty Locksmith store for your anti-bump and anti-pick deadbolt lock.


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  1. EVVA is one of the top high security manufacturers in the world with several different active high security systems and is based out of Austria. We carry their premium MCS (Magnetic Key System) product line featuring a nearly un-duplicable key and an extremely secure cylinder with both an advanced magnetic and mechanical slider security system. MCS locks are completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant (no known picking attacks have been successful). All EVVA locks and keys are factory assembled which is great for key control and security, but also means most EVVA products we carry have around a 3 week lead time. All MCS locks can be keyed to work with the same set of keys. For more details please see our EVVA Brand Information page.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, tamiflu, but the MCS locks have been picked quite successfully. There are 3 or 4 videos on YouTube going back as far as 2017 showing how to pick the EVVA MCS series and how they work.

  2. One of the best options is the Master Lock bump-resistant single cylinder deadbolt. Its single-cylinder deadbolt design ensures reliable security without the need for additional features. Its metal build, which provides dependable durability, impressed me.

  3. An incredible choice is the Master Lock knock safe single chamber deadbolt. Its single-chamber deadbolt configuration guarantees solid security without the requirement for extra highlights.
    Nice Job, Boss!

    1. Schlage I have had several different smart lock and some how they get thru this lock,
      Assurance lock. This is two that I have had and both failed

  4. It’s amazing how you could invest in a pick-resistant lock to prevent unwanted break-ins to your property when you’re not around. My friend talked about how his uncle decided to live independently after retirement. He should probably tell him about the perks of hiring a locksmith and upgrading the home’s security system as an investment.

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