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Different Ways To Lock File Cabinets

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different ways to lock a file cabinet

Sometimes locking filing cabinets isn’t allowed because of a situation or the cabinet doesn’t permit a quick fix. A few cabinets might not have locks either, yet you want to add one for security reasons. Luckily, installing a lock to a file cabinet is a fast and straightforward method. However, know that no lock is unbreakable, […]


Garage Door Security Tips

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garage door security tips

We can provide your home with the proper garage door security at Caraballo Liberty Locksmith Miami. Usually, we don’t talk much about garage door break-ins, well, not as much as the front door. So, that’s the reason we want to provide you with some tips that can reinforce your garage door security. It may take […]


Keep Your Cars Locked During Covid-19!

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locksmith miami during covid 19

Coronavirus, Lock Your Car Doors! Keep your cars locked during COVID-19! Carballo Locksmith in Miami feels the same way as you guys , it’s hard! But we got to evolve, evolution is a theory and we are testing it. But those are my thoughts. So let’s separate the facts from the fake news. We won’t […]