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Why Caraballo Liberty is Considered the Best Locksmith?

What makes Caraballo Liberty Locksmith the best locksmith in Miami, Florida? We will answer these questions with complete honesty. Being a locksmith takes a lot more than just opening a lock. We have to go through training every year as technology advances, make our adaptations and ensure we’re giving the highest quality service to our customers.

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith History

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith Inc. has been around since 1992. A family business that Omar Caraballo, the current owner took over from his Dad. He keeps the tradition of his father with honest, friendly service. His father’s clients have stayed with Omar as loyal clients. The proof is in the name Caraballo Liberty Locksmith bringing in 320 searches a month; people search for our name instead of locksmith services.


Just with by searching our name in Miami FL our old clients are always looking exclusively for us. That’s proof of excellent service. So now that I showed you the evidence of our returning clients, I will tell you how we have managed to stay atop of this robust industry with a lot of competitors.

Locksmith personality

We hear horror stories about how impolite and rude some locksmiths tend to be. Check out this review from a Yelp user. “Very rude guy comes in 1 hour late and charges $220 when I was quoted $80 less on the phone!”

We can tell you that our technicians are friendly and honest. We don’t understand companies that get into this industry, they know they have to deal with the public, and they are the ones that keep their businesses prosper. Why treat your customers like that?

Also, the ones that rip you off are as bad. What we quote you on the phone is what you will pay unless stated otherwise. These horrible companies use the old bait and switch. We can put them out, but we will just let Yelp and other review companies do that.

Locksmith being an hour late while you are locked out of your car.

late again

Being on time is very important for us and part of our service. Locksmith in 20 min is what you will see in their ads. But really, do you think a locksmith at 5 PM on the afternoon is going to make it from Kendall to downtown Miami? I doubt it.

If we really can’t make it in good time w,e will recommend you someone else that’s closer. We know you are more likely in a bad moment because you lost your keys or stayed locked out. Why make your day worst, we will just be honest and tell you we can’t make it.

Explaining in detail our work for you

We explain to you step by step what we are going to do for you so you can rest assured that you are receiving the correct price and service. With all the scam artists out there, this will put you in a much better, more comfortable position. We are always transparent with our clients; we show you all our contact information on our website. A lot of these locksmiths operate without an actual shop. Not us–we are proud to showcase our humble lock shop where you can walk in and feel at home.

Our staff & technicians are well trained and the best in the business. We make sure they treat you with the utmost respect. We also teach them to ask you if there is anything else they might need. And best of all we always give you a smile.

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