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Can you Install Locks for Apartment Doors?

install lock for apartment doors

Even though it is only a rental, locks for apartment doors are still necessary to protect your valuables. While looking for a new rental apartment, you may consider many things, but security may not be one of them. However, locksmiths in Miami, Florida, recommend paying attention to the condo’s security.

The last layer of protection is your door. All doors will have some type of lock. Burglars can pick, kick, or break inexpensive locks. I will inform you of the extra measures to increase the security of the apartment door.

Here are some quick ways to protect your apartment door.


Can you Rekey the Apartment Door Lock?

Do you know how many people have copies of your apartment door? Since the lock is the primary defense, you should ensure no one else except the condo owner has access. Ask the owner if they rekeyed the lock before you moved in, and it’s crucial to ask for the rekeying service or replace the lock instead.

If a lock has been replaced, it could appear newer than the other. The owner should provide evidence without issues. When it still needs to be replaced, consider spending out of pocket if the owner declines the locksmith Miami lock replacement service. If you like the building or considering a long contract, spend some cash on security.


Install a Deadbolt Lock on your Exterior Apartment Door

apartment deadbolt door locks

A deadbolt lock can straightforwardly reinforce the apartment door. I recommend installing a deadbolt lock in all apartment doors. Ask the renter if you can install one quickly if yours still needs one.

Cheap locks don’t bring enough heavy metals, but upgrading to deadbolt locks comes with solid metal with no outer screws. The deadbolt will stop most door-breaking attempts if your knob or lever lock breaks.


Strengthen the Deadbolt Strike Plate on your Condo Door


For added security, call the locksmith service to reinforce the strike plate. The strike plate frames the opening your deadbolt slides into. Of course, the sturdier the strike plate, the more complex a burglar will have to break the lock and door. So, consider using longer screws for mounting strike plates; they can easily anchor the door.

A robust strike plate stops burglars from bashing in the doorway. Check if you have a sturdy strike plate. If not, replace it with a sturdy strike plate with lengthy anchor screws for optimal security. Consider installing hinge bolts above and below the door hinges. They can add protection, particularly for a door that opens outwardly.


Secure Apartment Sliding Doors with a Lock and Latch Locking System 


Some apartments have patio sliding doors. Homeowners often forget about these doors since they are not used as much as the front door. Yet, you have to protect your sliding glass doors from agile criminals.


Fitting a rod, pipe, or strong piece of wood in the bottom rack can make every sliding door more secure. It will block the door from opening even if you forget to lock it at night. Nevertheless,  keep sliding doors locked, even while using a sturdy pipe or wood item. 


Think about installing latch-locking systems that add extra reinforcement. You mount these locks where stationary and patio glass doors meet at the top of the door. Then, adults can open these locks and work with the patio door latches.


Consider Security a Top Priority and Limit Access to your Apartment Building

apartment security door tips

It’s understandable to be social or to provide spare keys to all your people. Regrettably, many apartment break-ins or attacks occur from known people.

When residing in an apartment, keep your space private and avoid giving your spare keys to everyone and leaving the door unlocked.

In concussion, ask the building owner if you can install locks for apartment doors; I’ll bet they’ll say yes since you’re improving the apartment door security.

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