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Can Restaurant Security Measures Prevent Theft and Robbery?

can restaurant security measures prevent theft and robbery

Restaurant security is perhaps the greatest concern for proprietors of a restaurant. Yes, restaurant surveillance cameras are a great security measure to implement. It can help you keep watch on your restaurant and employees. However, that’s not the only investment you can do to increase security.

There are a lot of money and credit card transactions at your business every day, and often theirs more than one shift. It is too easy to get complacent and only install security cameras and say, “I’m ok now”. However, don’t get complacent, particularly if you own a significant restaurant that has a lot of foot traffic. Raise your restaurant security measurements to a satisfactory level from the minute your business opens.

Therefore, to protect yourself and employees against any security issues, you should first know about them. The top security dangers for restaurants are:

  • Theft
  • Robberies
  • Criminal damage
  • Burglaries

When you know the dangers, you can prepare for them better. Usually, being aware will protect you against most of the events above.

Let’s discuss a couple of things that restaurants can implement to help improve their security:

Restaurant security audit

A commercial security audit can expertly review your restaurant security or lack of deterrents. This audit examines your current security technology, access to the restaurant, vulnerable areas, employee training, and other significant objectives.

It permits you to know vulnerabilities in your restaurant and the most straightforward methods for managing them. Caraballo Liberty Locksmiths can give a restaurant security audit and help you make a security plan that you can easily implement.

Give a lot of attention to your cash management system

give a lot of attention to your cash management system

Excellent news money is rarer in the restaurant business now than ever before! The development of mobile payment systems and card scanners has made money exchanges uncommon in the present day. Yet, compared with other businesses, paper money is still normal in restaurants, which means burglars may focus more on restaurants hoping to take a bite out of profits.

So we recommend first to protect your cash. When registers get tallied or exchanged, make sure it’s done in the eyes of surveillance cameras. Or a safe room secured with sturdy locks. The best lock system like a keyless electronic lock or card can accomplish this goal of safely counting money. Who hasn’t seen a scene where the burglars barge in a room to rob people while they count cash?

Second, when you put money away, consider using a commercial-grade safe with all the correct security protections. Also, deliver money to the bank at not so regular times, so a criminal doesn’t memorize your schedule while still not keeping a lot of money inside the restaurant.

Know about internal dangers

know about the internal dangers

Usually, business owners don’t like to acknowledge that employees steal. However, internal theft inflicts a lot of losses to businesses, including restaurants. While restaurant employees can’t shoplift many items, they can take money with no responsibility. So, don’t allow any workers to close or switch registers without a supervisor or alone. Place security cameras in vulnerable areas so that workers understand that their movements are being tracked.

It’s also essential to note that much internal theft nowadays uses electronic devices. For instance, employees try to take credit card info by running it through a personal scanner just as the business scanner. This is something that can be difficult to prevent without carefully screening hires, restricting how cards get checked, and looking for these sorts of techniques.

If you don’t do something cohesive, then you might get a bad complaint on Google or go through a criminal dispute when it doesn’t get resolve because you lack knowledge of the event.

Restaurant security solutions

restaurant security solutions

An incredible investment for restaurants is surveillance cameras. Install these cameras on the outside but also inside, too. Criminals might hesitate when a camera is taking a video of them. Likewise, you are telling potential burglars that you are investing in protecting your property. Maybe a thief will think twice before attempting a crime in your restaurant.

If your premises have more than one entry/exit, it’s essential to your safety and security that you install an alarm system. Consider getting an alarm system with set codes, it allows you to change these codes at regular intervals. So, only you and a chosen few in your team can stop the alarm from contacting the police if they accidentally get triggered.

If you have many access points that need protection, keeping everything secured—but still operational for the authorized individuals can be a difficult test.

However, the solution lies in access control. Access control systems work great at keeping out unauthorized employees. Also, these systems are more difficult to bypass than regular lock and key systems and add more convenience besides increasing security to high-risk rooms.

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