Can a Locksmith Open a Gun Safe?

Open a Gun Safe Services

Did you know you can call a locksmith to open a gun safe when you lose the keys or combinations? The guns are secure, but you can get them. So, call a trusted locksmith that offers safe opening services.

Usually, a cheap Miami locksmith can open a gun safe even when internal mechanisms or electronics are broken since locksmiths are trained to get entry without harming the safe.

Can a Locksmith Rekey my Gun Safe?

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A locksmith may usually rekey a gun safe except when the safe or the locking mechanism has been seriously damaged. Your locksmith can rekey your safe by making a key copy for the lock or using trial keys.

A professional locksmith can open your gun safely when you lose the key. They have the training to handle many lockout situations where a safe no longer works.

Before contacting a safe opening locksmith service, you must determine the locking mechanism and the exact cause of your gun safe issue. Some people may need to remember the combination or the keys. However, electronics or internal mechanisms could sustain damage in some circumstances.

Can you Access a Gun Safe More Easily than Normal Safes?

People can access gun safes as simply as any other safe if they have the key or combination. However, without those things, you find yourself in a situation similar to a burglar-safe situation.

Therefore, depending on the gun safe you buy, it can be more challenging to access than regular safes, especially if it brings added security features.

Why are Gun Safes more Secure than Standard Safes?

The heavier weight, more rigid metal, and higher-quality construction of a gun safe contribute to its increased security. Drilling, cutting, and prying are more challenging with more robust metal.

You cannot move large safes due to their weight. Due to burglary insights statistics, the manufacturers make fewer overrides and bypasses available.

However, many low-quality safes exist that most people can open by themselves, so you must be careful when buying a safe as an owner.

How Can You Tell if Your Gun Safe is Malfunctioning?

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If the safe won’t open, even though you put the combination or key accurately, there is probably a problem with the internal mechanism.

Other times, the safe cannot be manually opened when the safe door is jammed due to damage. If you have a cheap gun safe that doesn’t open to remove sensitive content, consider destroying it safely.


Where can I Find the Gun Safe Combination If I Lost It?

With the help of your purchase information, you may find your safe combination if you lost it. The original combination should be listed on any original documentation for the safe.

You can get in touch with the manufacturer using your serial number. If you change the combination, it is only possible to open it if you write it down somewhere.


3 Best Ways a Locksmith Opens a Gun Safe without the Key

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If you own a gun safe, you may wonder what to do if you need to remember the combination or lose the key. Can a locksmith open a gun safe for you without the keys? The answer is yes, but it depends on the type and quality of the safe, as well as the skills and tools of the locksmith for the gun safe.


There are different methods that a gun safe locksmith can use to open a safe, such as:


  • Manipulating the dial or keypad. This involves using special techniques to determine the correct combination without damaging the safe or the lock. This is the most preferred method, as it preserves the integrity of the safe and allows you to use it again. However, manipulating the dial requires a lot of patience and skill, and it may not work on some high-security safes with anti-manipulation features.


  • Drilling a small hole. This involves drilling a small hole in the safe, usually near the lock, and inserting a scope or probe to see or manipulate the lock’s internal mechanism. This method can be effective on some safes, but it also causes some damage to the safe and may void the warranty. Additionally, this method may not work on some safes that have hard plates or relockers that prevent drilling.


  • Cutting or prying open. This involves using heavy-duty tools such as saws, torches, or crowbars to cut or pry open the safe. This method is usually the last resort, as it causes significant damage to the safe and makes it unusable. Moreover, this method can be very dangerous, as it may trigger the relockers or cause an explosion if flammable materials are inside the safe.

Burglar Safe Servicing Cost

When the safe doesn’t open, according to Locksmith Ledger, the average for opening by drilling is $336, and opening by manual manipulation is $307 in 2022. Proving a combination change can be less than $100.

However, according to Acme Locksmith, to open a locked safe can average $321, but the low cost can be $35 or a few hundred dollars to change the safe combination. Price can vary drastically depending on the lock, safe brand, the technique to gain safe entry, and the manufacturer’s anti-theft measures.

So, it is up to the owner to determine if the gun safe is worth opening for the content inside.


As you can see, opening a gun safe is a challenging task, and it requires a professional locksmith with the right knowledge, experience, and equipment. If you need to open your gun safe, contact a reputable locksmith near me who specializes in safes and can provide a reliable and safe service.

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