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Buy Door Locks with Our Locksmith Recommendations

Buy door locks for home

When you buy door locks, it will be fundamental for your property and beneficial for your door security as it protects your home from burglars. It’s the correct way to protect your family, mainly if the area isn’t safe. It’s also essential to have the door locks replaced or fixed by a Coral Way Locksmith Miami, FL when they wear out when they can’t give the same security anymore. Other times they are better locks available that you can’t resist buying, like modern electronic locks.

However, picking locks isn’t simple since they’re so many to choose from. It is difficult to find a suitable deadbolt lock replacement for your home or just moved into this house and need new locks installed. Why? Remember, not all locks provide the same security, or bring the requirements your home needs.

I will show you the top factors to consider before buying the right door locks.


Which Door Locks to Buy for which Kind of Doors?

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Is this a single or a double-leaf door or a sliding entryway? Do you need a multi-point lock system on your door or only a deadbolt lock? If you’re talking about exterior doors, you need high-security door locks for front and back entries. Most people use lever handle sets and knob locks for external door security. However, I recommend installing a single-cylinder deadbolt lock. And afterward, there are smart and keyless locks. Sliding patio doors may come with a simple latch. However, for improved security, consider a multiple-point lock.

An essential security consideration is a door because 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door, followed by windows. We never consider the material of the door and mainly concentrate on locks. Yes, that is acceptable, but hollow or worn doors will rapidly give way – significantly more efficiently, a lot quicker than the lock would do. Thus, it’s not just about which lock to install but also about your front door’s material. Imagine having an interior door as your front door, not well at all since an intruder will kick it down fairly quickly.


Measure the Door and Lock Correctly Before Buying


It isn’t simple to measure the door to choose which lock to buy. You may have to depend on a local locksmith for a correct measurement. Why? Like I said earlier, not all doors and locks are the same. Maybe, you may want to replace a cheap lock with a deadbolt.

For instance, to measure a deadbolt, you need to measure the case depth, which is not the same. Plus, measure the backset, which is the distance from the lock’s face to the keyhole’s center. After measuring the case height, and lastly, you should know the size of the deadlock’s faceplate.

Measuring deadbolts isn’t the same as measuring sass locks. For example, sash locks have handle sets, which need to be measured. Measuring locks correctly is fundamental so that the drilling goes well and the door will lock easily; it will give security.


Do you Need a Low-or High-security door?


All exterior doors require high-security locks and even an interior that hides or conceals valuables. The primary doors are the front door and back and side doors besides the garage interior door that leads into the house. Sliding patio doors on first and second stories should likewise need sturdy locks, so call a sliding door locksmith. Ensure to remove the latch and install a durable deadbolt lock and add a bar to the track so burglars cannot enter


The options range from straightforward deadbolts to smart keyless and electronic locks. What’s significant here is to ensure you pick by ratings. Locks are graded and rated dependent on their resistance and sturdiness.

Thus, the locks you pick should fulfill the industry standards besides the security needs of your home. ANSI Grade 1 locks are the most secure, but you can use a commercial grade 2 too.


Don’t forget the Interior Doors need Great Locks too!

door lock replacement services

Interior doors are considered low-security since you are not in danger in your room or restroom. But instead, you need a product that will help your privacy.

Interior great locks give privacy without essentially the security keyed locks provide. What’s more, consider picking locks that you can rekey in case you lose the key.

If you don’t know door locks, replacements call Coral Gables Locksmith in Miami, FL right now. You can also buy door locks at our Caraballo Liberty Locksmith store.

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