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Buy a Safe or File Cabinet-Which Should I Buy?

buying a burglar safe tips

If you buy a safe or a metal file cabinet, it can protect the things inside from fire, heat, dust, moisture, and burglary attempts. If you need to store something significant in your office or home, a burglar-resistant safe or a strong file cabinet is the ideal way to go regarding it.

Sadly, picking the right safe or file cabinet is challenging, particularly for a regular client that does not know about these storing units. Many types of storage units exist, and it’s critical to consider every single one of them carefully before making a buy.

Below our safe opening and craking service pros will give some safe and file cabinet buying tips:

Do you need to Buy a Safe or File Cabinet?

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Before you buy a safe or file cabinet, consider why you need it in the first place. For example, would you like to store cash, tools, sensitive documents, and digital storage devices like USBs and hard disks?

Knowing what you want the safe for can help you narrow down your options and make buying much simpler. When you have all the information required, look at a safe or file cabinet to determine whether it fits your needs.

How much Space do you Need?


Try to consider the storage space you need. Clients frequently misjudge precisely how much space they need and pick a small safe or a file cabinet to save cash.

It’s smarter to purchase a bigger safe or file cabinet than a smaller item that can’t fit all your things. A decent guideline is to buy a more oversized item to eliminate the doubts of purchasing the wrong storing unit.


Do you Want a Fire-proof Safe to Protect Data and Technology?

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Some manufacturers make safes to store digital storage devices like hard disc drives, CDs, USBs, laptops, expensive cellphones, etc. However, manufacturers don’t recommend exposing these devices to the heat of more than 125°F and  85% humidity.

These fire-proof safes can withstand high levels of heat and ensure a cool environment. However, when the safe’s metal is thin, the heat can move inside the safe even with outside fire.

Does the File Cabinet or Safe have a Satisfactory Fire Rating?


Many file cabinets and safes online have different fire ratings, making your decision to buy somewhat more complicated. Pick a safe or file cabinet with a fire rating for 60 minutes for the best fire protection. These storage units can withstand fire and heat for one hour before transferring heat to the insides and becoming damaged. 

You can also buy a high-quality safe with a rating of two hours and 3 hours. Higher-rated safes are always better, so consider these safes if you have the cash. Plus, you can pick a file cabinet rated to be fireproof for at least 3 hours. These file cabinets are made of metal.

Do you want to Buy a Safe to Prevent Break-ins?


Not many fire-resistant safes and file cabinets can protect your items from burglary. A burglar can break through these devices kind of quickly, which is why it’s vital to consider the locking mechanism and the resilience of the item. A combination of mechanical and electronic locking systems gives the best protection from intruders. Unfortunately, modern electronic locks aren’t defenseless to EMP, and mechanical locks are incredibly complicated.

If you think about burglaries as a big subject in your store, find the best UL rating burglar-resistant safe or cabinet item for commercial use. Consider buying quality items since bad quality and low-rated file cabinets and safes will not give the protection required to protect your essential things like cash. 

Suitable quality safes and file cabinets can easily last many years, so this is a one-time investment.

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