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Top Locksmith Services – Brickell

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top locksmith services in brickell

Locksmith Brickell, FL are specialized experts that provide locksmith near me services, for example, safe-cracking, repairing, and installing locks. Many people think only about hiring a residential locksmith Brickell after experiencing a home or vehicle lockout. However, many received training to give plenty more security locksmith services including: Helping with opening doors when you lost […]

Locksmith Tips

What Is An Inscribed “Do Not Copy” Key?

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what is an inscribed do not copy key

Miami Locksmith has been around the Locksmithing industry for a while and seen many weird things. One thing people often ask us or have questions about is a key that says “Do not duplicate.” Customers often wonder if it’s illegal to replicate the key. The fact is there is no regulation concerning “do not duplicate” […]

Cabinet Locks

Different Ways To Lock File Cabinets

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different ways to lock a file cabinet

Sometimes locking filing cabinets isn’t allowed because of a situation or the cabinet doesn’t permit a quick fix. A few cabinets might not have locks either, yet you want to add one for security reasons. Luckily, installing a lock to a file cabinet is a fast and straightforward method. However, know that no lock is unbreakable, […]

Home Security

How To Secure Homes After a Hurricane

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how to secure homes after a hurricane

Locksmiths understand how people secure home’s after a hurricane is shifting from storm shudders to ensuring we lock the windows and doors. After removing your plywood or shudders, it is a smart idea to ensure that you lock your windows. I understand you want to open them in order to remove the shudders and let […]